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20 7 Days
A week with the Dallas Cowboys: moments of low humor and high purpose, ending with a win
by Rick Telander

86 A Game of the Weak
By falling prey to the woeful Wolves, the clueless Clippers neared an NBA record for futility
by Steve Rushin

90 Podium Pugilists
Most of the action came before—and after—Riddick Bowe's uninspired defeat of Larry Donald
by Richard Hotter

92 As Sweety As Sugar
Florida handed Alabama its first setback, earning a berth in New Orleans for an intrastate rematch
by William F. Reed

94 Keeping His Guard Up
Michael Jordan completed his first swing through baseball while his hired muscle kept the fans at bay
by Tom Verducci


9 Letters
12 Faces
15 Scorecard
98 Inside the NFL
110 Point After

Cover Photographs by Bill Frakes and Lynn Johnson



A Galaxy: Equipment man Ralph Naimoli hung the hats of the stellar Cowboys in the Vet visitors' locker room as Dallas drew close to the end of another victorious week (page 20).