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December 19, 1994 Table Of Contents

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NFL Plus


By Jill Lieber


By Jill Lieber

Chris Zorich

By Jill Lieber


Double Exposure

Picabo Street (above)and Hilary Lindh of the U.S. dueled for an edge...and put themselves at the summit of the women's World Cup downhill rankings

By Michael Farber

Head Injuries

Halt the Head-hunting

Before a tragedy occurs, the NFL must rein in the kind of hitting that has caused a rash of concussions

By Peter King

The Worst Case

Doctors warn that repeated concussions can lead to permanent brain dysfunction

By Michael Farber

A Bell Is Rung

With two concussions in '94, the Rams' Chris Miller knows too well the scary symptoms—pain and disorientation

By Peter King

Pro Basketball

New Bounce In Big D

With the help of an old warrior and a wonder Kidd, the Dallas Mavericks are on the rebound after two deflating NBA seasons

By Phil Taylor

NCAA Soccer


Virginia earned its fourth straight national title

By Kelly Whiteside

Pro Football

Over the Top

With a big win over the Chargers, the 49ers staked their claim as the team to beat in the NFL

By Michael Silver

Sportswoman And Sportsman Of The Year

Out of the shadows

Sportswoman Of The Year

child of innocence

Bonnie Blair grew up with the ideal that competing—not just winning—is everything

By Steve Rushin

Sportsman Of The Year

giving his all

Johann Olav Koss set the standard in something even more important than Olympic speed skating—generosity of spirit

By E.M. Swift

The Covers

cover to cover

High School Football

Rank And File

USA Today's Dave Krider has the final say on who's No. 1 in the country

By Bruce Newman


College Football

Point After

A Pain in the Masses

Shabby treatment by owners and players is alienating fans from the games they love

By Jerry Kirshenbaum



By Mark Mulvoy




Edited by Alexander Wolff and Richard O'Brien