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20 Double Exposure
Picabo Street and Hilary Lindh of the U.S. go to the top of World Cup downhill
by Michael Farber

26 Halt the Head-hunting
Before a tragedy occurs, the NFL must rein in the hitting that has caused concussion
by Peter King

38 The Worse Case
Doctors want that severe concussions can lead to permanent brain dysfunction
by Michael Farber

48 A Bell Is Rung
With two concussions in '94, the Rams' Chris Miller knows too well the scary symptoms
by Peter King

54 New Bounce in Big D
With an old warrior and a young Kidd, the Dallas Mavericks are reviving
by Phil Taylor

62 Four-peat
Virginia wins its fourth consecutive NCAA soccer championship
by Kelly Whiteside

66 Over the Top
With a big win over the Chargers, the 49ers staked their claim as the team to beat
by Michael Silver

70 Out of the Shadows
Speed skater Bonnie Blair, the top female U.S. Olympian, is Sportswoman of the Year
by Steve Rushin

84 Giving His All
A hero on and off the ice, Johann Olav Koss of Norway is Sportsman of the Year
by E.M. Swift

102 Putting On Our Best Faces
An SI 40th anniversary Classic: our past Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year covers


9 Letters
13 Faces in the Crowd
15 Scorecard
128 Inside High School Football
135 Inside College Football
138 Point After

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Steamed: The 15° weather in Green Bay—not to mention a 40-3 loss to the Packers—had Bear Chris Zorich fuming.