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How 'bout them Ducks! The team you picked to be last in the Pac-10 is Rose Bowl bound.

Ducks in a Bowl
Thank goodness the Oregon Ducks ignored their No. 74 ranking in SI back in August and went on to beat eight teams ranked ahead of them, including your No. 1 team, Arizona. Coach Rich Brooks ignored all the critics and instilled confidence in a group of young men during a magical run for the roses (Leader of the Pac, Nov. 28). Although it has been 37 long years since the Ducks played in the Rose Bowl, the Quack Attack is back!

One can look back at the Ducks in September with a 1-2 record and marvel at what they accomplished during the rest of the season. Not only did they win the Pac-10, but they also won eight of their last nine games, four of them against ranked opponents: Washington State, Washington, USC and Arizona.
BRUCE W. BOLTON, Salem, Ore.

Instant Replay
I was interested in your discussion of instant replay (INSIDE THE NFL, Nov. 14), and I want to suggest that the league grant each team the option to call for one replay review per half. This would ensure that the replay be used only on questionable calls that have an impact on the outcome of a game and would avoid the repeated delays that plagued the system before.
GREGORY J. SHORT, Colorado Springs

I don't see how anyone can justify not having instant replay. A four-minute delay now and then, in the interest of making the best possible decision, is a small price to pay.
BILL DAMKO, Columbus, Ohio

Baseball Strike
Rick Telander hit the ball on the nose when he urged major league owners to play their minor leaguers next year if the current work action remains unsettled (POINT AFTER, NOV. 21). It's not Ken Griffey Jr. or Greg Maddux the fans miss; it's the double plays and extra-base hits. Now is the time for the side that has the authority—the owners—to make a gutsy move and give baseball back to the fans.
J.E. MCBEE, Lewiston, N.Y.

Telander is wrong. Let the minor leaguers stay in the minor leagues. If Telander wants to take his children to see baseball in the spring and the strike hasn't been settled, let him take them to a minor league park. There are great minor league ballparks in almost every part of the country. Telander states that minor leaguers could be paid the big league minimum and casually says that "the owners should then cut ticket prices in half." Yeah, right.

I hope the owners and players will come to an agreement, but if they don't, come spring my daughter and I will be enjoying baseball at a minor league park.
JODY S. KRIEGER, Kensington, Md.

Brand Name
As an executive for a national college fraternity, I found your glorification of basketball player Corliss Williamson's fraternity brand objectionable (Arkansas Strong Man, Nov. 28). Fraternity brands may be acceptable at the Omega Psi Phi chapter at Arkansas, but for the most part around the country brands administered by a fellow fraternity member are illegal. Fraternity brands and other acts of proving one's "toughness" should not be required for admission to any fraternity. To join my fraternity, one must meet our academic standards and become involved in the chapter's activities.

We save branding for cattle.
Director of Communication and Conferences
Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity



Willie West (20) and the Ducks lost to Ohio State in the '58 Rose Bowl, Oregon's last visit to Pasadena.

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