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If only...Spencer Haywood had not won the right in 1971 for
college underclassmen to play in the NBA, perhaps Stephon
Marbury would still be at Georgia Tech and Allen Iverson would
still be at Georgetown. If only...Moses Malone had not jumped
from Petersburg (Va.) High to the pros in 1974, perhaps Kevin
Garnett would be playing at Michigan as he once intended and
Kobe Bryant would be suiting up for, say, the Blue Devils of
Duke. If only...all high school players went on to college and
all college players stayed in school, then the matchups for
March Madness 1997 would be mouthwatering: Marbury vs. Ray
Allen; Rasheed Wallace vs. Rashard Griffith; Keith Van Horn vs.
Dontae' Jones; Iverson vs. Damon Flint; Garnett vs. Tim Duncan;
Bryant vs. Ron Mercer. What a finish it could have been.


1 UMass
PG Edgar Padilla
SG Carmelo Travieso
SF Mike Babul
PF Tyrone Weeks
C Marcus Camby [*]
6th Man Inus Norville

4 Marquette
PG Aaron Hutchins
SG Anthony Pieper
SF Faisal Abraham
PF Chris Crawford
C Richard Shaw
6th Man Jarrod Lovette

3 Connecticut
PG Ricky Moore
SG Ray Allen [*]
SF Richard Hamilton
PF Kirk King
C Antric Klaiber
6th Man Rashamel Jones

2 Georgia Tech
PG Stephon Marbury [*]
SG Gary Saunders
SF Matt Harpring
PF Michael Maddox
C Eddie Elisma
6th Man Bryan Brennan


1 North Carolina
PG Jeff McInnis [*]
SG Jerry Stackhouse [*]
SF Antawn Jamison
PF Rasheed Wallace [*]
C Serge Zwikker
6th Man Ademola Okulaja

4 Wisconsin
PG Hennssy Auriantal
SG Sean Mason
SF Sam Okey
PF Sean Daugherty
C Rashard Griffith [*]
6th Man Paul Grant

3 Utah
PG Andre Miller
SG Ben Caton
SF Drew Hansen
PF Keith Van Horn
C Michael Doleac
6th Man Ashante Johnson

2 Mississippi State
PG Bart Hyche
SG Whit Hughes
SF Dontae' Jones [*]
PF Horatio Webster
C Erick Dampier [*]
6th Man Trey Moore


1 Cincinnati
PG Damon Flint
SG Darnell Burton
SF Ruben Patterson
PF Dontonio Wingfield [*]
C Danny Fortson
6th Man Jackson Julson

4 Georgetown
PG Allen Iverson [*]
SG Victor Page
SF Boubacar Aw
PF Cheikh Ya Ya Dia
C Jahidi White
6th Man Jerry Nichols

3 Wake Forest
PG Tony Rutland
SG Jerry Braswell
SF Ricky Peral
PF Sean Allen
C Tim Duncan
6th Man Steven Goolsby

2 Michigan
PG Travis Conlan
SG Louis Bullock
SF Albert White
PF Maurice Taylor
C Kevin Garnett [*]
6th Man Robert Traylor


1 Kentucky
PG Anthony Epps
SG Derek Anderson
SF Ron Mercer
PF Antoine Walker [*]
C Nazr Mohammed
6th Man Jared Prickett

4 Duke
PG Jeff Capel
SG Kobe Bryant [*]
SF Ricky Price
PF Roshown McLeod
C Greg Newton
6th Man Trajan Langdon

PG Cameron Dollar
SG Toby Bailey
SF Charles O'Bannon
PF J.R. Henderson
C Jelani McCoy
6th Man Kris Johnson

2 Kansas
PG Jacque Vaughn
SG Jerod Haase
SF Paul Pierce
PF Raef LaFrentz
C Scot Pollard
6th Man B.J. Williams

[*]Now playing professionally

COLOR ILLUSTRATION: ILLUSTRATION BY MARK TODD [Drawing of basketball, cloud, and words 'Sweet 16']