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January 26, 1998 Table Of Contents

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Golf Plus

A Hit at the Hope Fred Couples, having survived a traumatic 1997, was a popular winner in Palm Springs

By Alan Shipnuck

Rockin' Robbins Kelly Robbins's win in the season opener struck the right chord for the LPGA

By Gary Van Sickle

News And Notes

Baby Steps

By Colleen Walker

Bottom Lines

Compiled By Gary B. Smith


She Deserves A Medal Curling is an official sport in Nagano because of this grandmother's bright idea

By Allen Abel

Faces In The Crowd

Faces In The Crowd

Adventure Travel

Of Ice and Men The most remote marathon ever, in Antarctica, drew a hardy group

By John Walters


School of Hard Knocks Women M.B.A. students at Dartmouth build esprit by sticking together

By L. Jon Wertheim

Two Different Worlds Superstar Paul Kariya is proud of his heritage but also proud to be an Olympian for Canada, the country that punished his grandparents for being Japanese

By Michael Farber

Catching Up With...

Virginia center Ralph Sampson DECEMBER 20, 1982

By L. Jon Wertheim


SI View The week in TV sports

By John Walters

Pro Football

What's Eating Gilbert Brown? Nothing much. In fact, it's the Packers' nosetackle who's consuming everything in sight, especially running backs

By Austin Murphy

Does God Care Who Wins the Super Bowl? Many Packers and Broncos think the Lord will decide the outcome. Theologians beg to differ

By William Nack Special Reporting by Richard Deutsch

There's Plenty For Everyone When the NFL negotiated $17.6 billion in new TV deals, the players, as well as the owners, struck gold

By Peter King

Super Bowl Preview

Little Big Men Denver's line, the smallest in the NFL, is a huge--and generally offensive--part of the Broncos' success

By Michael Silver

Pro Basketball

Loss Leaders Bad breaks, a weak roster and a decision to sacrifice the season have Denver lurching toward the worst record in NBA history

By Richard Hoffer

Perfectly Awful The 1972-73 Sixers weren't just bad--they were horrid

By L. Jon Wertheim

Nuggets of Hope? How Denver could win enough to escape infamy

By Dick Friedman


King Of The Worlds It took 26 years, but Bill Pilczuk of the U.S. finally made his mark as a champion

By Leigh Montville

College Basketball

Foreign Legions The number of players from abroad has doubled in the last five years, so now you need an atlas as well as a scorecard to follow the game

By Alexander Wolff

Inside The NHL

Six ways to boost scoring The All-Star Game you won't get to see Hockey's biggest zero

By Kostya Kennedy

In The Crease

By Pierre McGuire

Inside The NBA

Strickland deserves a berth at last More referees may be indicted by the feds Our All-Star picks

By Jackie MacMullan

Blue-Light Specials

By David Sabino

Getting Open With Dale Ellis

By Marty Burns

Inside College Basketball

Stanford beats UCLA to go 16-0 and move up to No. 5 Cancer victim fights back Hoosiers hero

By Kelli Anderson; B.J. Schecter


By Seth Davis

Matchup Of The Week

By Seth Davis

Gambling [bonus Piece]

All Bets Are Off The U.S. is on the verge of an explosion in Internet sports betting that could change the face of gambling in this country forever. But is it legal? And even if it isn't, can it be stopped?

By Steven Crist Special Reporting by Don Yaeger

The Vote Is In Rejuvenated John Elway isn't through--if his wife and kids have anything to say about it

By Rick Reilly



Yogi Redux...Fallen Football Star Heads for the Slammer... Put Casey in the Cart...A Trainer for the Ages Calls It Quits...Wrestling's Decisive Action...Electric Football

By Kevin Cook; Richard O'Brien Edited by Jack McCallum and Richard O'Brien