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November 2, 1998 Table Of Contents

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Catching Up With...

Phil Rodgers, Pro Golfer January 14, 1963

By Cameron Morfit

Inside The NFL

Inside The NFL

By Rick Reilly; Richard Deutsch

Who Needs College? Skipping school hasn't hurt Bears fullback Robert Chancey

By Jeff Pearlman

Inside The NFL

By Peter King

Defensing The Toss Sweep The Falcons focused on the Jets' pet play, giving New York other options

By Richard Deutsch

Dr. Z's Forecast

By Paul Zimmerman

Faces In The Crowd

Faces In The Crowd

Si View

SI View The Week in TV Sports

By John Walters

Quote The Ravens Nevermore ESPN's collection of memorable quotes is enough to make you long for a case of amnesia

By Steve Rushin


Crowd Pleasers The Yankees secured their place among the most celebrated teams in history, putting the final touches on their masterpiece with a World Series sweep of the Padres

By Tom Verducci

Pro Football

On A Roll With precision performances from unsung offensive heroes, the Broncos streaked to their seventh straight win, over the formidable Jaguars

By Austin Murphy

Pro Basketball

State Of The Union At a gathering in Las Vegas, locked-out NBA players put up a strong show of solidarity, but cracks in their association's foundation were beginning to show

By Phil Taylor

College Football

Tim Terrific Louisiana Tech, the school that produced Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Badshaw, has a hot new slinger in Tim Rattay, the most productive passer in the country

By John Ed Bradley


Shooting From The Lip Brett Hull has always talked a good game, but he'll really have something to yap about if his scoring punch helps the Dallas Stars win the Stanley Cup

By Johnette Howard



Inside College Football

Inside College Football

By Ivan Maisel

The Emperor Of Emporia Division II star Brian Shay becomes the college game's top alltime rusher

By B.J. Schecter

Inside Soccer

Inside Soccer

By Grant Wahl

Pro Basketball [bonus Piece]

She's Got Balls

Will Jeanie Buss, daughter of Lakers owner Jerry Buss, be the next to rule her father's sports kingdom, or will one of her brothers rise to power? Inside a fractured family fable.

By Franz Lidz

The Life Of Reilly It's Your Life, but I'm Keeping Score

By Rick Reilly


Yankee Stadium For Sale Home plate and old seats at J. Peterman's ain't cheap

By John Walters

Leading Off

A Streak Beyond Compare The last time Linfield had a losing season, Ike lived in the White House

By Marty Burns

Been There, Done That Bea Thomas, 86, is in her 63rd year as a coach

By Stephen Cannella

I Love You, Rex. Now Shut Up The author played an alumni tournament with his father, and it went...really well

By Austin Murphy

She's In It For The Long Run Tegla Loroupe aims to lower her marathon best and elevate Kenyan women

By Merrell Noden


Talking Baseball

By Ron Fimrite

The Question Is Why? Ashrita Furman has hopped, juggled and yodeled to 57 Guinness marks

By John Walters

Nymph Maniac

By Robert H. Boyle


By Jackie MacMullan; Michael Bamberger Edited by Kevin Cook and Richard O'Brien