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November 16, 1998 Table Of Contents

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Catching Up With...

Kristie Phillips, Champion Gymnast September 1, 1986

By Mark Beech

Si View

SI View The Week in TV Sports

By John Walters

Body Language Governor-elect Jesse Ventura's gigs on sports radio helped give him a stunning hold on voters

By Steve Rushin

Faces In The Crowd

Faces in the Crowd

College Football

Picked Off This time it was Michigan State that got between top-ranked Ohio State and the national championship

By L. Jon Wertheim

Austin Power Texas's Ricky Williams is closing in on the career rushing record, but that's not all that ranks his performance this season among the best ever by a running back

By Tim Layden

Pro Basketball

The Waiting Game As the NBA lockout dragged on, irrepressible free agent and All-Star Jayson Williams played pickup, did Letterman and pondered ways to win back the fans

By Jack McCallum

Pro Football

Feared Plays Every opponent knows they're coming, but defensive coordinators still go crazy trying to stop them

By Paul Zimmerman


The Odd Couple Joe Thornton (left) and Sergei Samsonov have little in common, save that they're big-time talents who are the future of the Bruins

By Gerry Callahan; David Sabino



Inside Horse Racing

Inside Horse Racing

By William Nack

Inside Motor Sports

Inside Motor Sports

By Ed Hinton

Batty about Stock Car Racing Former Red Sox slugger Mike Greenwell is pursuing his first love

By B.J. Schecter

Inside College Football

Inside College Football

By Ivan Maisel; B.J. Schecter; Marty Burns; John Walters

Inside The NFL

Inside The NFL

By Peter King

Grooming a Young Passer Jim Zorn works on more than mechanics with Charlie Batch

By Richard Deutsch

Dr. Z's Forecast

By Paul Zimmerman

Special Report

Unintentional Grounding Across America, kids' interest in high school football is steadily dropping. Is the time coming when Friday night lights will simply be extinguished?

By Grant Wahl

The Inconvenience of Being Human

By Rick Reilly


The Smell of Money There's a hot resale market for fetid old sneakers

By L. Jon Wertheim

The United Way The U.S. team was a together bunch during coach Bruce Arena's debut

By Kelli Anderson

Leading Off

A Field in the Desert That Felt like Home An unlikely hero sustained hope for Japanese-Americans interned in World War II

By David Davis

Fantasy Course in Kansas The NCAAs will be run across Bob Timmons's farm

By Merrell Noden

Still Handy with Blades Not that long ago self-effacing surgeon Eric Heiden was an Olympic hero

By L. Jon Wertheim


Sky's the Limit

By Ron Fimrite


By Richard Hoffer Edited by Kevin Cook And Richard O'Brien