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Original Issue

Take Your Best Shot

Someone--probably a jealous photographer--once told Walter Iooss
that wherever he was was the perfect picture. Iooss has been
everywhere (friends call him Coast-to-Coast Iooss), and for the
last 35 years he has also been on the masthead of SI. The photos
on this and the succeeding five pages are from Walter Iooss: A
Lifetime Shooting Sports and Beauty, which is in bookstores now.

FOUR B/W PHOTOS: WALTER IOOSS CLOCKWISE FROM UPPER LEFT: Jerry Rice, San Francisco 49ers, May 1995; Keyshawn Johnson, New York Jets, August 1997; Drew Bledsoe, New England Patriots, May 1995; Eddie George, Tennessee Oilers, August 1997. FACING PAGE: Mark Van Eeghen, Oakland Raiders, December 1977 [Jerry Rice; Keyshawn Johnson; Drew Bledsoe; Eddie George]

COLOR PHOTO: Walter Iooss [See caption above--Mark Van Eeghen in game]

COLOR PHOTO: WALTER IOOSS Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls, March 1993 [Michael Jordan lying in bed]

B/W PHOTO: WALTER IOOSS FACING PAGE: Alex Rodriguez, Seattle Mariners, February 1997. ABOVE, CLOCKWISE FROM UPPER LEFT: Tony Gwynn, San Diego Padres, September 1993; Gary Carter, Montreal Expos, March 1980; Vida Blue, San Francisco Giants, May 1978; Dave Parker and Grant Jackson, Pittsburgh Pirates, March 1980 [Alex Rodriguez]

FOUR COLOR PHOTOS: WALTER IOOSS [See caption above--Tony Gwynn; Gary Carter; Vida Blue; Dave Parker and Grant Jackson]