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COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY BOB MARTIN I'm Dreaming of a White TrifectaThe White Turf races, run on a frozen lake in Saint Moritz, Switzerland, on the first three Sundays in February, include three types of racing: conventional horse racing (below), snow trotting (horses pull sleds) and skijoring (horses pull participants on skis).

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY JOHN W. MCDONOUGH Shaqqing Up Lakers center Shaquille O'Neal pads his league-leading scoring average with this automatic deposit against the Spurs.

FOLDOUT COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY MARTHA JENKINS Wave Goodbye Evan Slater (right) and Peter Mel (next page) got a little face time in 1994 at Maverick's, an isolated beach 22 miles south of San Francisco that has some of the biggest--and deadliest--surf in the world. Last week Slater and Mel were at Maverick's again, for the first Men Who Ride Mountains Big Wave Event (page 52).