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Has This Happened to You?


You're ripping down a powder-covered slope on your snowboard and
think, "I would be totally stoked if I could do this on rocks
and dirt." For those who have so dared to dream, Mongoose now
offers All-Terrain Boards. Instead of small, solid wheels, ATBs
have large air-filled tires to smooth out the bumps, and their
decks can tilt to almost 45 degrees, allowing riders to carve
bigger turns and tackle steeper slopes with more control than
ordinary skateboards. The Slalom 132 model (top), which costs
$230, is ideal for off-road adventures, while the lighter,
shorter UniCamb, which retails for $230, is suitable for jumping
and freestyle tricks. For more information call Mongoose at
714-526-5226 or check out the company on the Web at Make sure to take precautions: elbow pads,
knee pads, a helmet and a laundry detergent that can remove both
blood and grass stains.

--Mark Beech