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NHL Western Conference Finals
ESPN 7:30 PM Volvo. Ingrid Bergman. IKEA. Add Peter Forsberg
(page 46) to the list of popular Swedish imports. At least in
Colorado. The Ornskoldsvik native, who has shifted from center to
left wing of late, led the Avalanche in playoff goals with five
as they headed into Game 1 of a rematch of last season's Western
Conference finals against Dallas.


NBA Conference Semifinals
NBC 12:30 PM, 3 PM and 5:30 PM Questions, as we settle in to
watch a tripleheader of second-round Game 4 matchups: Will the
Suns continue to play Harpo Marx at point guard as they battle
the Lakers? Is it just a coincidence that former Bulls Ron Harper
(Lakers), Toni Kukoc (Sixers), Luc Longley (Suns) and Scottie
Pippen (Trail Blazers) reached their respective conference semis?
Finally, will the Heat-Knicks series be officiated by Richard
Dawson or Mills Lane? Those series going more than four games
will continue during the week on TBS and TNT.


Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel
HBO 10 PM Shortly after Kramer was bounced from a Yankees
fantasy camp for beaning Joe Pepitone and punching Mickey Mantle
in an ensuing brawl, George Costanza whined of his carefree
Seinfeld pal, "His whole life is a fantasy camp!" Tonight
correspondent and SI senior contributing writer Frank Deford
joins real-life Kramers who travel to Tampa and pony up $4,300 to
receive tips such as this fielding nugget from former major
league outfielder Elliott Maddox: "As the ball's coming down, if
you have any question about judgment, get the f--- out of the
way!" The show gets more serious when profiling the Spurs' Sean
Elliott, who returned to the NBA after a kidney transplant, and
Flyers coach Roger Neilson, who's battling an incurable cancer.


Giants at Braves
TBS 7:35 PM When it comes to designating the best arms on TV,
we're not going out on a limb when we nominate those of Ileana
Douglas, the sleeveless, sloe-eyed, sometime host of VH-1's The
List. Our second choice: Atlanta's. The Braves (page 50) have an
army of arms in Tom Glavine (5-0 through Sunday), Greg Maddux
(4-1) and Kevin Millwood (3-1), against whom hitters were batting
a combined .231. Maddux and Glavine beat San Francisco on
consecutive nights at Turner Field last month.

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Roy Jones Jr. vs. Richard Hall
HBO 9 PM Is this the Rich Hall who used to be the droll "Weekend
Update" anchor on Saturday Night Live? The Hall who was the
monotonal monitor of sniglets--words that aren't in the dictionary
but should be--and coiner of such terms as otisosis (the inability
to make eye contact in an elevator)? Well, no. This Richard Hall
(24-1) is a lanky 28-year-old from Jamaica whose last five foes
fell in three rounds or fewer. Tonight he faces 31-year-old Jones
(41-1), who owns the undisputed world light heavyweight
championship and perhaps boxing's fastest fists. Hall may well
fall victim to everlasteria: the panic that envelops you when you
realize it's too late to avoid a KO punch.



the zapper

Steve Levy and Darren Pang don't mind working overtime. These two
ESPN hockey commentators, who broadcast last Thursday's
Flyers-Penguins five-overtime affair, the longest televised game
(152 minutes) in NHL history, also worked the second-longest game
on TV, a four-OT, 139-minute marathon between the Capitals and
the Penguins in 1996. "Once you get past two overtimes," says
Levy, who was on the air for nearly eight hours on Thursday,
"you're thinking, Let's go for the record." ...Insomniac women's
softball fans can tune in to No. 2 Arizona at No. 9 California
(Fox Sports, Saturday, 1 a.m., tape delay).