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Little Chatter Boxes Downsized walkie-talkies make it a breeze to communicate on the fly

Want to meet at the bottom of the mountain for hot cocoa in the
lodge? How about at the will-call window after the game?
Motorola's TalkAbout SLK two-way radio makes it easy to stay in
touch (and, fortunately, hard to stay lost) no matter where you
are. Made from a lightweight plastic similar to the kind used in
motorcycle helmets, the TalkAbout ($154 per radio) is only the
size of a deck of cards but is powerful enough to provide clear
reception from up to two miles away, depending on the terrain and
weather. It comes in four colors and can run for 12 hours on a
rechargeable battery, or for up to 30 hours on three AA cells.
Motorola, 800-353-2729;