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Leading Off



COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY BOB MARTIN Island Hopping Fans help Tiger Woods celebrate his long birdie putt on the island green of the 17th hole at Sawgrass during the third round of the Players Championship (page 46).

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY CY JARIZ CYR/NEWSPORT Gator Bowl Chris Barnes needs sunglasses to avoid ending up in the gutter during practice at the outdoor Villages PBA Open in The Villages, Fla. Barnes, from Wichita, Kans., would finish second in the tournament to Jason Couch.

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY JOHN BIEVER Scrum Enchanted Evening A rugby match breaks out during the Arizona-Illinois Midwest Regional final as Illini Marcus Griffin tries to call timeout while teammate Sergio McClain puts the ball under wraps despite pressure from Wildcats Richard Jefferson (44) and Michael Wright (page 34).