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SI Adventure

--Pie in the Sky?
Welcome to the new space race, in which three highfliers are
vying to be the first to skydive from 25 miles above the earth

--Hot & Cold
Dispatches from the infernal Marathon des Sables and the
chilling South Pole Marathon

--As Tough As It Gets
These four tests have one thing in common: Each is the cruelest of
its kind

--Inside Out
The arrival of a motocross whiz kid,
the departure of Sports Afield and other
news from the world of adventure

--Murphy's Law
The northern pike is once again an explosive issue in northern California

COLOR PHOTO: PIERRE VERDY/AFP Gimme shelter A member of Britain's Save the Rhino team found portable sanctuary from a sandstorm during this month's Marathon des Sables.

"There is nothing in nature that is not in us." --Naum Gabo