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Q&A Tour life has been a grind for greenhorn rookie Boo Weekley

The darling of last fall's Q school, Boo Weekly has had a
freshman campaign filled with new experiences, including
traveling west of the Mississippi for the first time. Weekley is
well known for playing in rain pants and tennis shoes, but his
game so far has been forgettable--after missing the cut at
Greensboro, he is 0 for 7 in cuts made and has broken 70 only
once in 15 rounds.

SI: So how bad is it?

BW: Every week I open my locker to see if there's a pink slip,
something like "All right, Mr. Weekley, you're not allowed back
on Tour."

SI: What's wrong with your game?

BW: The mental part. I hit it with the best of them--I know I
do--but you have to stay focused, and I lose it every now and

SI: Is your confidence slipping?

BW: No. Any minute my game's going to click, and there I'll be,
leading one of these PGA Tour events. I'm a real aggressive
player. I believe they haven't got a pin they can hide from me.
At the same time, that might show you why I haven't made a cut
yet, because I never hit to the middle of the green.

SI: How is all the travel affecting you?

BW: It's pretty tough being gone from the family [wife Karyn and
eight-month-old Thomas]. Last year I played on a mini-tour, and I
could drive home every week. To be honest, I don't really care
for cities. I leave Milton [Fla.] and I'm lost. Give me woods and
dirt roads. Traffic, red lights--I'm not that type of person.

SI: How have the other players reacted to you?

BW: Pretty good. Meeting people has been pretty easy. I have a
good sense of humor. I ain't good enough friends with people yet
to start playing jokes or to say anything rude.

SI: Are you starstruck?

BW: No. They're human. I ain't spoken to Tiger. I'd like to,
though. The only time I've seen him was at Torrey Pines. They had
two putting greens. He was on one, and I was on the other.

SI: Have you made any rookie mistakes?

BW: I can't say I've had any real embarrassing moments. I ain't
hit nobody yet. That's pretty good. Some weeks it's hard trying
to figure out where the bathroom is.

SI: America wants to know: What happened to the camouflage pants
you were wearing earlier in the season?

BW: I got a letter from the Tour. They were nice about it. They
said the pants weren't appropriate. I can see their point, but I
like camouflage. It's me, and I feel comfortable wearing it.
Plus, it's easy to match clothes with camouflage. White, green,
brown--I could throw anything together.