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Q&A David Gossett on the good life at his mom and dad's

With the exception of one celebrated high school student, David
Gossett, 23, is the only PGA Tour player who still lives with
his parents. The reigning John Deere Classic champion earned
$864,000 in 2001, his rookie year, but still enjoys the
rent-free comfort of a four-bedroom house in Germantown, Tenn.

SI: Why do you still live at home?

DG: It's very convenient. I'm only there about one week a month,
and my coach and all my friends and family are in town. It seems
to make the most sense. Plus, I love my mom's cooking.

SI: What did Pam make for breakfast today?

DG: French toast. It was so good. I'm a big breakfast person.
Tonight she's making flank steak with potatoes and a salad with
Oriental dressing.

SI: Yummy. What else does your mother do for you?

DG: She helps with my laundry and sorts my mail. I get daily
breakfast service and lots of love here. It's great.

SI: You sound like a bit of a momma's boy.

DG: I don't know if I want that printed in SI. My mom and I are
very close. I'll let you make your own assessment.

SI: Do you have any chores?

DG: Not really. I take out the garbage occasionally, but actually
my mom usually takes care of that. It's a constant challenge to
keep my room neat. I've got clothes and papers left and right.

SI: How big is your room?

DG: It's not huge or anything. Enough for a full-sized bed, a TV
and a closet. It's the same room I've lived in since I was 16.
Originally I wanted the other bedroom that my sister Joni has.
It's bigger and has its own bathroom. She's a freshman at
Vanderbilt now, so maybe I'll just move in my stuff.

SI: When are you going to get your own bachelor pad?

DG: I'm thinking sometime at the end of the year, probably
someplace with warmer weather. I don't think I'll be 30 and
living at home.

SI: Does living with your parents put a crimp in your social

DG: It's not like I'm super old. If I was still in school, I'd be
a senior in college.

SI: Do you ever have sleepovers with your buddy Charles Howell?

DG: Uh, I guess if he wants to. Charles has an open invitation
when he comes to town for the FedEx [St. Jude Classic, in June].
My parents let me have sleepovers. They trust me.

SI: What about with girls?

DG: I haven't had too many girls sleep over.