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Tony Gwynn After 20 years and 3,141 hits as a Padre, Gwynn has started a second career, as an ESPN baseball analyst.

SI: You don't have a catchphrase. How do you feel about "Just
Gwynn, baby" when somebody gets a hit?

Gwynn: I don't think I like it.

SI: Has ESPN recruited you for its softball team?

Gwynn: No. But if I could play softball, I'd still be playing

SI: As a longtime San Diego resident, do you miss Ryan Leaf?

Gwynn: (Laughs) I miss him because he's always good for

SI: Do major leaguers make fun of Kevin Costner for his baseball

Gwynn: Yes, and for other things too.

SI: Who's your favorite baseball announcer?

Gwynn: Vin Scully.

SI: You still hold San Diego State basketball records for career
and single-season assists. Is that a testimony to your point
guard greatness?

Gwynn: That's just poor recruiting.

SI: Would you trade any of your Silver Slugger Awards for an Emmy?

Gwynn: No.

SI: Which Tony would you rather hang out with: Tony Randall,
Tony Bennett or Toni Morrison?

Gwynn: I'd rather hang out with Tony Siragusa.

SI: How often have you been to the San Diego Zoo?

Gwynn: Twice.

SI: What's the harder task: Winning eight batting titles or
getting airtime away from Baseball Tonight host Karl Ravech?

Gwynn: That's close, but I'd say the eight titles.

SI: You're coaching San Diego State's baseball team next year.
If they let you play, could you hit .300?

Gwynn: No problem.

SI: Finally, a San Diego State website says you won "five
Rawlings God Glove Awards." Is that a misprint or do you have a
divine connection?

Gwynn: It's a misprint, but I think our Heavenly Father is kind
of watching over me right now. He knows I have my hands full.

--Richard Deitsch