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Because he appreciates good grooming, Lennox Lewis had his nails
done on Aug. 28 at Fulton Nails in lower Manhattan, and because
he likes to keep up with the local gossip, the heavyweight champ
then dropped by K.C.'s Fulton Street Barbershop next door.
Lewis's unexpected visit sent the barbers scurrying to a nearby
drugstore, where they bought disposable cameras to take pictures
with the champ. Though accompanied by a pair of bodyguards, Lewis
was approachable and easygoing, says barbershop owner Ken Cole.
Lewis didn't even mind that Cole keeps a poster of Mike Tyson,
whom Lewis knocked out in June, on the wall of his shop. "Why'd
you beat him so bad?" Cole asked. Lewis smiled and said, "Because
he was a naughty boy."

--Talk about making a splash. At the premiere of the thriller
Swimfan in Los Angeles on Aug. 19, Crossing Jordan star Jerry
O'Connell and Olympic swimming champion Janet Evans made their
first public appearance as a couple. The two met earlier this
year when they were on rival teams at a charity bowling
tournament in Las Vegas. When they started dating, says the
28-year-old O'Connell, "my mother pulled me aside and said,
'Jerry, I went on the Internet, and she is so successful. She's
a four-time gold medalist. Jerry, this is the one.'" The
31-year-old Evans, who still holds world records in the 400, 800
and 1,500 freestyle, recently signed on as a spokesperson for
Campbell's V8 Splash and continues to make motivational speeches
across the country.

--Celebrity sightings at Fort Valley State football games are
rare, but Denzel Washington and his wife, Paulette, were in
Macon, Ga., last Saturday to catch the college debut of
18-year-old John David Washington, the eldest of their four
children and a 5'10", 160-pound freshman running back for
visiting Morehouse. "He's an explosive back who has the ability
to see openings and hit creases," says Morehouse coach Willard
Scissum of John David, who finished the game with two carries
for three yards in the Tigers' 23-0 loss.

--Is 20-year-old tennis star Andy Roddick dating 18-year-old
actress Mandy Moore? Maybe. Asked at the U.S. Open last week if
he was seeing Moore, who watched him play in Toronto last month,
Roddick replied, "We're friends. You know, we hang out a little.
She's come out to the tennis a couple of times, and her mom's a
pretty big tennis fan." Among the celebrities hobnobbing at the
Open last week: rocker Robert Plant, who snagged a John McEnroe
autograph for his son, Jordan, 10, a budding tennis player. "He's
the opening act I never had," Plant says of McEnroe.

--Rick Schroder has gone from the streets of New York City to the
great outdoors. The former NYPD Blue star, who owns a 15,500-acre
spread outside Grand Junction, Colo., will host The New American
Sportsman, an updated version of the show that aired from 1964 to
'84. Sportsman debuts on Sept. 9 on ESPN2 at 8 p.m. "I'm a big
fan of outdoor sports," says Schroder, who first hunted at age 10
with actor William Holden. "I want to help educate people about
the role those who hunt and fish have played in conservation."
The first show features tarpon fishing off Key West with Jack


COLOR PHOTO: BRUCE BENNETT-PALM BEACH POST/AP (BED RACE) PICTURE THIS This is one bedridden family. At the Fifth Annual Delray Beach (Fla.) Bed Race, the defending champion Siska clan lived up to its reputation as the Pettys of the sport by beating 15 other teams. With Kelly, 19, riding while her brothers (from left) Rory, 20, Chris, 26, Dylan, 24, and Shane, 27 (blocked by Dylan) pushed, the Siskas earned a spot in the International Bed Race in Hawaii on Sept. 14.



A Hollywood production company is trying to cast 7'5" Yao Ming
opposite 2'8" Verne (Mini-Me) Troyer of Austin Powers fame in a

The tennis star, when asked if she wanted to say something to
President Bush about the importance of changing the Title IX
legislation: "I have no idea what Title IX is. Sorry."