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COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY DAVE SANDFORD/GETTY IMAGES/NHLI Turning Over a New Leaf Goalie Ed Belfour, who signed with Toronto in the off-season,stretches between periods at the Air Canada Centre, preparing todo battle for the feisty Maple Leafs (page 48).

FOUR COLOR PHOTOS: PHOTOGRAPHS BY NEIL BRAKE/VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY A Head on All Cards Florida defensive end Clint Mitchell committed a fairly blatantface-masking infraction when he tackled Vanderbilt quarterbackJay Cutler during the Gators' 21-17 win in Nashville onSaturday. The penalty was called, and Cutler--remarkablyunscathed--remained in the game.

COLOR PHOTO: PHOTOGRAPH BY AMY BETH BENNETT/LAS VEGASREVIEW-JOURNAL Purple Haze Valerie Mahfood couldn't have been thinking too clearly aftergetting tagged by a right hand from Laila Ali during their supermiddleweight unification bout last Friday in Las Vegas. Ali wonon a TKO in Round 8.