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For years calendar buyers have ogled actresses, pop starlets and
swimsuit models, not to mention women's soccer teams,
firefighters and the incomparable Women in Waders (SI, July 7).
Now, pole vaulters are boldly going where pole dancers have gone
before. The 2004 Vaultgirls calendar features Olympians, NCAA
champions and former U.S.-record holders in "artistic as well as
athletic photos," according to a press release. Sultry shots of
vaulting stars such as Mary Sauer (below) are interspersed with
images of the women in action. "We wanted to show young women
that there's another body type to look up to," says Mel Mueller,
the 1999 U.S. indoor champion and 2000 Olympian, who came up with
the idea. "Being a model who's 5'10" and 100 pounds is not
healthy. This is about being athletic and fit." The calendars can
be ordered for $19.95 from, with profits going to
fund the vaulters' training for the Olympics.

Who says you can't party in Utah? As a way to reach out to "the
people in the $10 seats," new Lakers and former Jazz forward Karl
Malone threw himself a going-away bash at the Delta Center last
Friday night. About 10,000 people showed up, lured by the promise
of autographs, free hot dogs and the chance to see Malone's
five-ton monster truck, called Power Forward. Governor Mike
Leavitt spoke, then the Mailman took the stage and fought back
tears as he thanked fans of the city where he spent the first 18
years of his career. It's been a weepy off-season for the NBA's
No. 2 alltime scorer, who got a two-year, $3 million deal to take
his act to L.A. "He cried a lot about this [decision to move],"
says Malone's wife, Kay. "I did too, because I'm going to miss my
friends. There were times when we held each other and just cried
about this."

The Red Sox dugout turned into a recording studio during batting
practice on Aug. 7 when players laid down backing vocals for a
version of Gary Glitter's anthem Rock and Roll, Part 2. Buffalo
Tom singer Bill Janovitz handled lead vocals, and seven Sox sang
the HEY!'s. The song will appear on the upcoming CD Hot Stove,
Cool Music, raising money for the Jimmy Fund, which provides
treatment for children with cancer. Other performers on the CD
include the bands Sand Frog (featuring Angels first baseman Scott
Spezio) and Stick Figure (with former Cy Young winner Jack
McDowell) as well as Red Sox G.M. Theo Epstein, who plays guitar
for the group Trauser. Lest you think it's safe to actually buy
the disc, however, note that Peter Gammons contributed a cover of
Chuck Berry's Oh Carol.

You've probably heard rumors about Jimmy Hoffa's being buried in
Giants Stadium. Now, acting on information from an informant, the
FBI has torn up parking lot C at Chicago's Cellular One Field
looking for the remains of mob enforcer Michael Frank (Bones)
Albergo. The Feds found bone fragments and a tooth but have not
positively identified them. Albergo is believed to have been
killed in 1970 and buried at a construction site at 33rd Street
and South Stewart Avenue, which has since become a parking lot
for the White Sox.... The Devil Rays hosted their first pregame
wedding on Aug. 9 when Army 1st lieutenant Don Curtis Little, who
recently returned from Iraq, and Stefanie Alexa Schotanus were
married at Tropicana Field. The couple received a bat autographed
by the Devil Rays as a gift.

COLOR PHOTO: DAVID BALL (SAUER) Perfect to a vault

COLOR PHOTO: DAVID J. PHILLIP/AP (TEXANS' DRILL) PICTURE THIS How's this for blind ambition? Texans lineman Jerry DeLoach pulled double duty during training camp: defensive tackle and towel boy. DeLoach, a third-year player who started all 16 games for Houston last season, had the towel in his helmet to cover his eyes during a drill--designed to teach him to rely on touch instead of sight--with defensive end Corey Sears.



The father of a 16-year-old tennis player in France was arrested
under suspicion of slipping a fatigue-inducing drug into the
water bottles of his son's opponents.


Pacers forward, upon being asked to assess last month's
blockbuster four-team trade that sent Knicks star Latrell
Sprewell to the Timberwolves: "Spree got traded?"