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Losers' Lounge

ROCKY ROAD The Cavaliers will not extend their 33-game road
losing streak this week. Why? Because until Dec. 15 all of
Cleveland's games will be played at Gund Arena. The Cavs have the
third-longest road losing streak in NBA history and are 10 losses
behind the alltime road record held by the 1990-91 and '91-92
Kings. Which team holds the NBA's alltime longest overall losing
streak, both home and away?

a. Cavaliers c. Mavericks
b. Grizzlies d. 76ers

SEASON'S BEATINGS Dec. 11 marks the 26th anniversary of the end
of the Buccaneers' NFL-record 26-game losing streak, which
spanned two seasons. The NFL record for consecutive losses in one
season is 15 and has been done seven times. Which team was the
last to do it?

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP Match the sports figure with the career in
which he went winless.

1. Terry Felton a. 653 NASCAR races
2. Jim Garrett b. Four years, NHL goalie
3. J.D. McDuffie c. 16 decisions as pitcher
4. Mike O'Neill d. Columbia football coach (one year)

CALL TO ORDER Place these college football teams in order of
their respective records for consecutive losses.

a. Kansas c. Rutgers
b. Northwestern d. Vanderbilt


ROCKY ROAD: a. The Cavaliers hold the record for most consecutive
losses with 24, over the final 19 games of 1981-82 and the first
five games of 1982-83.

SEASON'S BEATINGS: After starting the season with an impressive
road victory against the Vikings, the 2001 Carolina Panthers lost
their final 15 games.

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP: 1. c; 2. d; 3. a; 4. b

CALL TO ORDER: Northwestern (34 consecutive losses from '79 to
'82); Kansas (17 straight from '53 to '55); Vanderbilt (16
straight from '61 to '62); Rutgers (14 straight from '96 to '97).