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Brady's Bunch

Thank you, Sports Illustrated, for the splendid cover shot of Tom
Brady's post-Super Bowl jubilation (Feb. 9). You captured the
joyous, youthful exuberance of Brady, who seemed not to care if
he won the MVP, as long as his team got to enjoy another title.
Even though I am a Carolina Panthers fan, I can rest easy knowing
my favorite team fell to such a deserving opponent.
Andy Roberts, Mishawaka, Ind.

While Brady is the best thing to happen to Boston sports since
Larry Bird, the headline is overstated. Let's reserve the title
of hero for people like Pat Tillman, who sacrificed his NFL
career to serve his country as an Army Ranger. Tillman's heroics
now take place on a much more important field. They just aren't
as glamorous as Brady's.
Frank Jones, Marlborough, Mass.

Thanks for a Super Bowl story that covered the game (Fight to the
Finish, Feb. 9) and featured barely a splash or dash of the trash
that was the halftime flash.
Jeff Larsen, Grand Rapids

Michael Silver says Brady may be the Patriots' lone star, but
they also have Ty Law. If you need to check Law's references,
just call Peyton Manning.
Sandy Bucknam, Hudson, N.H.

The Patriots are immensely appealing and successful because they
are a great team, not a collection of individual superstars. They
remind fans of what they were taught as kids about team play,
sportsmanship and humility.
James Bath, Charlestown, Mass.

Delhomme Run

Thanks, Rick Reilly, for recognizing that Jake Delhomme could
have been forgotten far too quickly (The Life of Reilly, Feb. 9).
While Brady's team prevailed on Super Bowl Sunday, Delhomme was
the better overall quarterback, playing well under far more
defensive pressure than Brady faced. His effort deserved more
than a few lines in your Super Bowl coverage.
Michael Kidwell Madison Heights, Mich.

Do You Believe?

I agree with E.M. Swift's review of the movie Miracle and the man
it was about, Herb Brooks (Miracle, the Sequel, Feb. 9). During
the 1980 Olympics, I was a Boston University freshman, and the
victory over the Soviets remains the single greatest moment I've
experienced as a sports fan. It's remarkable to remember that the
U.S.-U.S.S.R. game was not shown live on American television but
was tape-delayed for prime-time broadcast. We already knew the
outcome, but it did not diminish the experience.
Michael Ritz, New York City

In 1980 my husband and I were stationed in West Berlin. I was
more than a little perturbed when I found him messing with the
rabbit ears on our black-and-white TV one evening. He figured he
could pick up the end of the U.S.-U.S.S.R. hockey game on one of
the German stations. When he stumbled across it, it became my job
to translate. There were only a few minutes left, and I was
certain that the U.S. was ahead, but I was confused by the
announcers' distinctly morbid tone of voice. As the game ended
and the Americans swarmed the ice, we quickly figured out the
reason for the announcer's depressed tone: We had managed to find
the only East German station in Berlin.
Deb Patyrak, San Angelo, Texas

Fair-Weather Fan

Thank you for running the story by John Schulian (I'm Mad As
Hell, Feb. 9). I've never actually met a bandwagon fan, so his
column provided an interesting insight into the causes behind
shifting loyalties. I look forward to his next installment, when
he switches his allegiance to the Giants, then maybe the A's, or
whichever other team strikes him as his best chance to back a
Roger Friedman, Annandale, Va.

As a lifelong Dodgers fan, I feel Schulian's pain. With Frank
McCourt hinting at selling the stadium naming rights while
bankrolling his purchase with a large loan from News Corp.--the
Fox network's corporate parent--I fear the worst: My Big Fat
Obnoxious Fiance Dodger Stadium.
Stuart Weiss, Los Angeles

Tepid Times

I couldn't agree more with Steve Rushin that we have entered an
era of sports blandness (Air and Space, Feb. 9). Last spring I
was writhing as my 10-, eight-and five-year-old sons watched
their favorite hockey team win the Stanley Cup. Recently I was
cringing as their favorite football team won the Super Bowl. I
can only hope the boring selflessness, teamwork and sportsmanship
these teams displayed don't scar my boys too deeply. Next thing
you know they'll forget to taunt their opponent when they score
the lone goal in a 10-1 losing effort. Maybe a Warren Sapp jersey
would help straighten them out.
Bill Mast, Ramsey, N.J.

Two words: free agency.
Joel Legatt, New Brunswick, N.J.

I finally realized where Mr. Rushin's Air and Space is located.
Jonathan Kok, Grand Rapids


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