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Scout's Take

On Nuggets center Marcus Camby, who is making $7.3 million in the
final year of his contract:

"He's having his best season because he's healthy and he's in an
up-tempo offense that suits his strengths: He runs the floor,
blocks shots, understands the pick-and-roll and can score without
having plays run for him. Still, teams get into trouble when they
spend too much on role players--such as Gilbert Arenas, who is
never going to justify the six-year, $64 million deal the Wizards
gave him. In a perfect world the Nuggets would pay Camby $5
million per season so they'd have enough money for Carmelo
Anthony and Nene when their contracts come up over the next two
or three years. But they're winning with Camby, so it's hard to
decide where to draw that line."