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Training Days

SPRING ROLL When the Cardinals' camp opened in Jupiter, Fla.,
outfielder Reggie Sanders reported to his seventh team in seven
years at his seventh different training site. What active player
has reported to the same site as a major leaguer with one team
for the most consecutive seasons?

a. Craig Biggio c. Barry Larkin
b. John Franco d. Tim Salmon

CARPE DIEM In spring training, teams often employ players on
minor league contracts (nonroster invitees) hoping they'll earn
their way onto the 40-man roster or showcase their skills and
gain trade value. Last season one nonroster player did more than
just earn a job, he nearly won a Cy Young Award. Who was it?

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP Former stars are often invited to spring
training as special instructors to tutor players. Pair these
ex-major leaguers with the team they're working with this spring.

1. Will Clark a. Cardinals
2. Rich Gossage b. Phillies
3. Bret Saberhagen c. Rockies
4. John Wetteland d. Rangers

Call to Order Place these 2003 home run leaders in order of the
number of homers they hit during last year's spring training.

a. Barry Bonds c. Alex Rodriguez
b. Carlos Delgado d. Jim Thome


SPRING ROLL: a. Craig Biggio has reported to the Astros' camp in
Kissimmee, Fla., each year since 1989, longer than Larkin
(Sarasota, '98), Salmon (Tempe, '93) or Franco (Port St. Lucie, '90).

CARPE DIEM: Nonroster invitee Esteban Loaiza had a 21-9 record
and 2.90 ERA for the White Sox last year, finishing second in the
AL Cy Young Award voting to the Blue Jays' Roy Halladay.

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP: 1. a; 2. c; 3. b; 4. d

CALL TO ORDER: Bonds (10 in the spring, 45 in the regular
season); Thome (5, 47); Rodriguez (1, 47); Delgado (0, 42).