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Go Figure

Nuggets players who scored at least 10 points in a 97-66 loss
to the Pistons last Saturday, the first time since the advent of
the shot clock that a team didn't have a player in double

Laps 18-year-old Feliphe Ramos completed at Homestead-Miami
Speedway at 100 miles per hour after stealing a 2004 Infiniti,
crashing through a security gate and taking the car onto the

Amount Tatyana Pozdnyakova of Ukraine won for beating the
top men's finisher, David Kirui of Kenya, with a 20 1/2-minute
head start in the Los Angeles marathon on Sunday.

Penalty minutes--an NHL record--in last Friday's
Flyers-Senators game, which had 16 ejections.

Amount the Colorado Board of Regents approved for an
investigation into the school's football recruiting scandal.

Amount of the budget devoted to John DiBiaggio, who will
serve as a special liaison between school officials and the
athletic department through June.