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Q+A Kiefer Sutherland

The star of Fox's 24 narrates NASCAR 3D: The IMAX Experience,
which opens in 68 theaters on Friday.

SI: What drew you to a project involving NASCAR?

Sutherland: It's a real slice of Americana. The fact that it was
born out of Prohibition and guys running moonshine and outrunning
the law, there is something very authentic about that.

SI: You're doing this Q&A two hours before walking the red carpet
for the movie's premiere. How will seeing Jeff Gordon and Jimmie
Johnson in tuxes compare with seeing Nicole Kidman and Angelina
Jolie in evening gowns?

Sutherland: Well, you're never going to beat Angelina Jolie in an
evening dress no matter who you are. But anytime you get to meet
people at the top of their field, there's an excitement about

SI: Denis Leary told SI that when it came to hockey, you and Tim
Robbins were the best actors he's played with. What's your
greatest celebrity game moment?

Sutherland: I got two assists for Phil Esposito in a game a
couple of years ago. He hadn't put on skates in like 10 years and
scored three goals in the first 10 minutes. Wayne Gretzky was
coaching us, and when I came off the ice after a goal he was
looking at me with his mouth open. He said, "It's amazing. That
old bastard is still in the right place at the right time." That
was pretty cool.

SI: Will we ever see a 24 movie, and will your character Jack
Bauer live to see it?

Sutherland: It would be a fantastic movie. You'd have to call it
140 or 145 or whatever the running time was. I hope it gets
pursued, but whether Jack Bauer lives to see it is a whole other

SI: In the 1990s you roped on the professional rodeo circuit and
took first place in the '98 U.S. Team Roping championship. Ever
think about chucking acting and pursuing rodeo full time?

Sutherland: I could never have afforded it. Those horses are not
cheap. But it was important for me to take a couple years off and
do something else.

SI: So if given the chance, would you rather rope a paparazzo or
a Hollywood producer?

Sutherland: [laughs] How about Angelina Jolie in an evening

--Richard Deitsch

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