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Bleep This

Last month, in the wake of the Super Bowl halftime fiasco, NASCAR
president Mike Helton warned drivers about their language. Busch
Series driver Johnny Sauter didn't listen. He uttered a profanity
during a radio interview after a race on March 6, and as a result
he's $10,000 poorer and Performance Racing Network, which
broadcasts NASCAR-related programming to more than 750 radio
affiliates nationwide, has adopted a seven-second delay for its
race coverage. PRN vice president Doug Rice said the network
received pressure from affiliates after Sauter's interview. Fox
Sports, which televises the first half of the Nextel Cup series,
hasn't gone to a delay, though drivers are often agitated when
they hop out of their cars to face the press. "It's been
considered in light of recent events," says spokesperson Tim
Buckman, "but as of now there's no delay in place."