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Q+A The Amazing Kreskin

The world's foremost mentalist (in December he predicted Howard
Dean would not be the Democratic nominee) foretells our sporting

SI: You must know how this Q&A will turn out....

Kreskin: [Laughs.] Yes.

SI: Can you give us the winner of the NCAA tournament?

Kreskin: I'm going on ESPN on Tuesday, where I'm going to write
down the name of the team that I feel will win and seal my pick
in a package, which will be put in a safe. How certain will I be?
Ninety-nine percent.

SI: How do you arrive at the winner?

Kreskin: I read a lot of information, then intuitively try to
listen to what my unconscious mind tells me.

SI: You're a lifelong Yankees fan. What will happen with them
this year?

Kreskin: I think they will be in the World Series. As far as
winning, I don't know. But if I had to bet, I would probably bet
$1,000 that they will win.

SI: Will Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter get along?

Kreskin: It will be a darn good marriage. They will play off each

SI: Will Barry Bonds break the career home run record?

Kreskin: Yes, but I am not sure he will do it in the next two
years. Don't ask me why, but I don't think anyone will hit more
than 50 home runs this year.

SI: Will the Buffalo Bills ever win a Super Bowl?

Kreskin: I have an answer: We never say never. I was asked about
Paris Hilton before the Academy Awards, and I said, "You never
say never." But I do not believe that she will win an Academy
Award in the next 74 years. I do not feel anywhere near as
negative about the Buffalo Bills.

SI: Have you ever thought about playing on the World Poker Tour
and using your abilities for profit?

Kreskin: I can't play poker anywhere in the world because I'd be
shot dead. Nobody would allow me to play under any circumstances.
I'm not bragging. It's the nature of my work. I would know when
people are lying.

SI: Finally, will SI exist in the 22nd century?

Kreskin: I will turn down any offer to do a column every week,
but yes, it will exist.

--Richard Deitsch

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