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For The Record

WON A spot on the U.S. Olympic shooting team, Collyn Loper, a
high school junior from Indian Springs, Ala., who has been blind
in her right eye since birth. Last Saturday, Loper, 17, defeated
Joetta Dement, a member of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, by
one target in a tiebreaker at the Olympic trials. "I was so
nervous," Loper says. "At one point I couldn't keep my legs
still." Loper was taught to shoot by her father when she was 10.
Though she is righthanded, she learned to shoot lefthanded so she
could sight her target. "I can't even begin to think what the
Olympics are going to be like," she says.

BANNED By NASCAR from the body of Derrick Cope's Dodge, the word
redneck. At a March 7 race, Cope's car was sponsored by the
website, a Massachusetts company that offers
classified ads for hunting and fishing gear. But before the
Golden Coral 500 in Atlanta the following week, Cope's team was
ordered to remove the decals by NASCAR, which said the
sponsorship did not "[reflect] the proper image for our sport."
(Recent NASCAR sponsors have included beer, tobacco and lingerie
companies, as well as a Native American casino.) Since the ban,
the company's founder, Tom Connelly, says he has received more
than 20,000 letters of support. "A lot of fans believe NASCAR
spent years making money off rednecks but is now turning its back
on them," he says. Connelly changed his domain name to,
but approval from NASCAR is still pending.

DIED Brian Maxwell, 51, whose dyspepsia spawned a
billion-dollar-a-year industry. Maxwell, the founder of PowerBar
Inc., suffered a fatal heart attack on March 19 near his home in
Ross, Calif. Once a world-class marathoner, Maxwell was stricken
with stomach problems during a 1983 race. Determined to find a
low-fat food that could be consumed before, or even during, an
endurance event, he set to work in the kitchen of his Berkeley
apartment with Bill Vaughn, a Cal biochemist, and Jennifer
Biddulph, a student of food science who later became Maxwell's
wife. In 1986 the PowerBar was born. While the bars could be
difficult to chew--"Put 'em under your arm, that softens 'em up,"
former quarterback Steve Young once advised--they gained wide
popularity. In 2000 Maxwell sold the company for a reported $375
million to Nestle SA. He donated millions to Cal, where a statue
of him and Jennifer stands near the track and field venue.

DIED After being struck in the chest by a ball, Cornell lacrosse
player George Boiardi. The 22-year-old senior was hit by a shot
in a game against Binghamton on March 17. He was given CPR on the
field but could not be revived. "George was a terrific person, a
great team leader and an excellent student," Cornell athletic
director Andy Noel said.