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Q+A Jesse Palmer

The Giants quarterback spent his off-season taking a pass at love
as ABC's The Bachelor, which premieres on April 7.

SI: Before this experience, had you dated 25 different women?

Palmer: I've dated a lot but never 25 at the same time. The
weirdest thing was walking in the first night and seeing 25 faces
staring at you and 15 cameras around the room. That's when I
remember thinking, What the hell did I just get myself into?

SI: What are you looking for in a mate?

Palmer: Strong arm. Ability to read coverages. Mobile in the
pocket. And the ability to make a big play when the game is on
the line.

SI: You're a 25-year-old professional athlete. Do you really need
your own television show to meet women?

Palmer: Absolutely not. Dating has never been an issue. But I'm
at a point right now where I'm ready to find someone to hopefully
spend the rest of my life with. Being a professional athlete in
the dating scene, I found that some women were with me more for
what I did than who I was. One of the big things that drew me to
the show was that the 25 women who signed up didn't know who I
was or what I did.

SI: Did doing the show make you more of a romantic?

Palmer: I'm probably more of a romantic now, but the problem is,
I think I'm cursed in a way because I'll never be able to even
come close to matching the dates I went on again. Anybody who
goes on a date with me and we go get a coffee is going to be
disappointed after seeing the show [laughs].

SI: What other player would make a good Bachelor?

Palmer: Dhani Jones. He's the purest Renaissance man I've ever
met. If a girl came to the door, he would probably recite poetry
to her and take her inside and play the violin.

SI: What teammate has given you the hardest time?

Palmer: Amani Toomer told me, "Don't you dare cry, because if you
do, it's over for you." My brother, Billy [a Notre Dame tight
end], told me not to say the word chemistry or connection.

SI: So what have you learned about women?

Palmer: Not a whole lot. I'm totally more confused about women
now that this thing is over.

--Richard Deitsch

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COLOR PHOTO: BOB D'AMICO/ABC (PALMER) Likes pocket mobility