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Go Figure


0.14 Decrease in Red Sox righthander Derek Lowe's ERA, from 5.47 to 5.33, when centerfielder Johnny Damon asked to be charged with an error on a play that had been ruled a hit in a 14--4 win over the Devil Rays on Aug. 11.

$300,000 Amount retired heavyweight champ Lennox Lewis donated to the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, the first contribution by a pro athlete to the museum, which will open in 2005.

$60 Cost of the Stanley Cup tattoo Lightning coach John Tortorella had inked onto his left ankle.

3 Rank, behind Coca-Cola and Nike, of the Boston Red Sox on the list of brands displayed or mentioned most often on prime-time network shows during the 2003--04 broadcast season, according to a Nielsen study.

$1,700 Amount Allen Iverson owes the Philadelphia Parking Authority for unpaid parking tickets on his 2004 Rolls-Royce Phantom.

16 Olympic swimsuits--the team's entire supply--that the British women's triathlon squad sent for emergency alterations because the white garments became translucent when wet.