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Winter-weary New York City riders take it to the street in their own indoor skatepark

New York has long been a skateboarding-friendly city. (It has few laws against it.) But in winter the Big Apple has left street skaters out in the cold. Now Brooklyn resident Pat Smith, along with East Coast skating star Bobby Puleo and Steve Rodriguez, owner of the New York--based skateboard company 5boro, have teamed up with corporate sponsors to create a private indoor street spot in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn called Mount Weather. Set in an abandoned medical supply warehouse, the heated 4,500-square-foot facility features an obstacle-rich street course so varied, "you could go there every day for the next four months and skate a different course each time," Rodriguez says.

Mount Weather, which opened on Jan. 10, is run as a co-op, with 25 "keyholders" (Cairo Foster, who rides for Lakai and Popwar, and California transplant Steve Hernandez are in the semisecret society) each kicking in on the $2,500 monthly rent. The lease runs through May 15, but, says Smith, who rides for 5boro and Emerica Shoes, "it's turning out well enough that we might want to make it more of a long-term thing." --Andrew Lawrence




For skaters in the BK, Mount Weather gives cold comfort.