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A Face-off And a New Face

The National Hockey League is back from grim, self-imposed exile with some new rules, interesting experiments and dizzying roster changes. Longtime have-nots have suddenly morphed into haves, and the mood is optimistic. This is all good, of course, and to catch you up with the NHL's smiling new world, SI has put together scouting reports on all 30 teams, as well as a four-page gatefold that breaks down the changes, from shootouts to the reduction of goalie gear to the league's new television home, on OLN. "We've never had a sport completely remake itself this way," says senior editor Kostya Kennedy, who coordinates the magazine's hockey coverage. "One quarter of the league's players are with new teams. From the on-ice product to the business side, every facet of the sport has changed. It's a grand experiment--and it will be fascinating to see how it plays out." How we see it playing out is Calgary over Philadelphia in the Stanley Cup finals.

Readers will note changes in SI this week as well, specifically a new typeface for headlines and subheads and an additional table of contents page. The typeface, called SI Farnham, was designed for the magazine by New York City designer Christian Schwartz, who drew on the work of the 18th-century German Johann Michael Fleischman, the Gretzky of typography in his time. "It's a typeface that combines clarity, sophistication and beauty," says creative director Steve Hoffman. "The magazine will be even more readable." In the same spirit we've expanded our table of contents section (THE LINEUP) to better highlight not only what appears in the magazine but also what is coming on for the week.

The last time SI made a similar typeface change was in 1996, the year Peter Forsberg helped the Colorado Avalanche to its first Stanley Cup title. Forsberg now plies his trade in Philadelphia, in one of those roster changes, and we think you'll find the changes in both hockey and SI a cooler way to skate into fall.