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October 17, 2005 Table Of Contents

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SI Bonus Section: Golf Plus

Labor of Love

Everyone's welcome at John's Golf Course, where a young man's dream came true

By Farrell Evans

Questions For Tiger Woods

He doesn't feel good about the way the AmEx ended, but he likes what it says about his game

By Jim Gorant

Big Play

By with Michael Breed

Calendar Girl

Mr. Wie, can Michelle come out and play?

Paradise Lost?

Michelle Wie might be giving up as much as she's getting

By Dottie Pepper

Catching Up With

Burt Grossman, Defensive End

OCTOBER 15, 1990

By Ben Reiter

Air and Space

A Double Whammy

By Steve Rushin

SI Players: Life on And off The Field

David Eckstein


As told to Albert Chen

Who's Hot / Who's Not

Edited by Kostya Kennedy


WITH Jerry Porter Raiders wide receiver

Edited by Kostya Kennedy

Tale of My Tattoo

Edited by Kostya Kennedy

The Pop Culture Grid

Edited by Kostya Kennedy

Pro Football

He Puts the D In Indy

With premier sack artist and quarterback baiter Dwight Freeney on the attack, the Colts finally have a defense worthy of a Super Bowl contender

By Michael Silver


Can Anybody Beat USC?

The two-time defending champion Trojans have won 27 straight, but they can be knocked off ... can't they?

By Austin Murphy

Heisman Hopefuls

By Gene Menez

Burnt Orange?

After lobbying its way into a BCS berth last season, No. 2 Texas could be left out of this year's championship game

By Mark Beech

Stewart Mandel's Two-Minute Drill

By Stewart Mandel



Houston went the distance--18 innings, to be exact--to bounce the Braves and set up a League Championship Series rematch with the mighty Cardinals

By Daniel G. Habib

Power and Fury

Behind hard-throwing Jose Contreras and Bobby Jenks, the White Sox swept Boston and reloaded for the Angels, hell-bent on reaching their first World Series in 46 years

By Tom Verducci


First One for the Next One

In his debut week of NHL games, 18-year-old Sidney Crosby didn't just score his first goal. He also showed why expectations of him are so absurdly high--and how he will handle them

By Michael Farber


Out of the Darkness

When Darius Washington missed the biggest shots of his life, costing Memphis a trip to the NCAA tournament, his emotional collapse became a moment of TV infamy. But Tigers fans, instead of vilifying him, have embraced their fallen star

By Grant Wahl

College Basketball

One More Shot

Patrick Sparks's miracle three nearly took Kentucky to the Final Four. He'll try again

By Julia Morrill


Inside: The Week In Sports


By Peter King

King's Corner

By Peter King


By Stephen Cannella


Dr. Z's Forecast: Air Parcells

By Paul Zimmerman

Life of Reilly

A Deadly Talent

By Rick Reilly


Strip Tease

Las Vegas's first taste of sumo wrestling proved the U.S. is not quite ready for the big boys By Richard Hoffer

By Richard Hoffer

Of Myths and Men

The larger-than-average athletes who dominate the sport of sumo wrestling have generated some larger-than-life legends

By Franz Lidz

Running to the Rescue

DeAngelo Williams has rejuvenated Memphis football as he takes his shot at the NCAA rushing record

By Lars Anderson

Leading Off


Joe Cool

His windbreakers are older than his players, but at 78 Joe Paterno has picked up new coaching tricks--and made Penn State relevant again

By Stewart Mandel

A Problem of Scale

What should have been the fight of the year instead showed us all that's wrong with boxing

By Richard Hoffer

For the Record

Edited by Mark Bechtel and Stephen Cannella

Lookin' Fine On the Pine

By Chris Mannix

Money Player

Dude, want stock market advice? The well-known analyst Lenny Dykstra has a column on the Web

By Mark Beech

Q & A Dustin Hoffman

The 68-year-old actor and two-time Oscar winner plays gangster Meyer Lansky in the upcoming film The Lost City

By Richard Deitsch

The Beat

By Adam Duerson

Week Ahead

What to watch and watch for

By Chris Mannix

Fantasy Watch

By David Sabino

Faces in the Crowd