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Love Birds
Let's leave the Terrell Owens--Donovan McNabb lovefest behind (Turmoil? What Turmoil?, Sept. 26). Coverage of these two gives validity to unacceptable behavior that has become standard for many multimillion-dollar crybabies. If we put their too-public disagreement in its proper place, it would be in small print near the end of the issue, not on the cover. Please, just move on and tell us about the rest of the sports world.
Paul William Grice, Johnstown, Ohio

I'm 13 years old, and I understand that when a team that finished 13-3 last season beats a team that was 2-14, it doesn't mean the first team is amazing or that they will make it to the Super Bowl. How old is Jeffri Chadiha?
Leslie Arffa, New York City

Thank you for acknowledging the Eagles' defense. The media have been busy feeding fans the TO-versus-McNabb issue, failing to recognize that the team still has one of the best defenses in the league.
Joe Daniw, Wayne, N.J.

Red Background
Your article on Yao Ming (The Creation of Yao Ming, Sept. 26) concludes by saying his mother, Da Fang, "has made the greatest leap of all." I do not believe she should be applauded. She was involved in many cruel and heinous actions as a member of the Red Guard--actions which cannot be excused based on her age or the fact that others around her were behaving similarly. Having spent part of her youth abusing others for perceived crimes involving Western "decadence," she quickly took control of her son's career and his millions of dollars. She now lives in America enjoying the fruits of her son's success. I don't view her as a changed or redeemed person.
John J. Montone, Hoboken, N.J.

Joe Knows Football
In your essay on the success of college football's instant replay (Scorecard, Sept. 26), you should have mentioned Joe Paterno, whose vociferous complaining about some really bad calls--each of which cost him a victory--helped move college football to this solution. How about giving him some credit for being the visionary that he is and always has been?
Bernie Hubert, Morristown, N.J.

Greece Is the Word
The Who's Hot (Players, Sept. 26) linking the ancient Greeks to the USC Trojans is historically inaccurate. The city of Troy was across the Aegean Sea from Greece, in what is now Turkey, and was an enemy of the early Greeks, who eventually destroyed the city and enslaved the populace. I don't think any Trojan would be thrilled by being labeled as a Greek.
Mike Nitti, Robbinsville, N.J.

Someone has been watching Homer Simpson rather than reading Homer's Iliad.
John W. Halkias, Canton, Ohio

Head Cases
The two photos in Leading Off showing football players whose helmets have been knocked off (Sept. 26) raise a health concern. Given the potential for a serious head injury or fatality, why is it seemingly easy for players to lose this vital piece of equipment? Shouldn't this be a point of concern for making the game safer?
Dr. Marvin R. Gray, Albany, Ind.

Nothing Shakin'
Hey, Rick, I'm a 34-year-old mother of three, and you want me to "Get out there!" just like Molly Shattuck (Life of Reilly, Sept. 26). I'd love to. Except my husband is in the Navy halfway around the world. There is no one to help out while I indulge in hobbies. I'd kill for the chance to exercise for an hour without someone screaming Mom!, and I sew at 2 a.m. (the only time the house is relatively quiet). If you think I need more free time, I agree. You're welcome to stop by, take the kids and give me a much needed break. Until then, I am both parents to three great kids, and I hope my husband comes home in one piece. No time for cheerleader tryouts.
Tricia Smith, Chesapeake, Va.

I can only hope that this is the beginning of Reilly's touching series about the tribulations of millionaire trophy wives tangentially involved in sports.
Jason Martin, Indianapolis


Mike Price and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED have amicably resolved the lawsuit brought by Mr. Price following publication of the story Bad Behavior: How He Met His Destiny at a Strip Club (May 12, 2003). Mr. Price asserts that certain events were falsely reported in the story. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED continues to stand behind its story. Both parties have agreed that the terms of the resolution are confidential.

Web Sight

I enjoyed Rick Reilly's column on the well-to-do housewife, Molly Shattuck, who became a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader, but I was disappointed that there was no photo of her. Then I noticed a message directing me to to see some pictures. Wow!

David L. Lutz, Harrisburg, Pa.





WORKING MOM? At 38, Molly cheers for the Ravens.