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Lucas Glover

At the Funai Classic, one of the Tour's young guns birdied the last two holes to get his first win

SI: You sank a 35-yard bunker shot for the victory. Lucky shot?

LG: You always hope for good stuff to happen in situations like that. Instead of good, I got great.

SI: If it's a different sport, what's the analogy?

LG: If we're playing basketball, that's sinking one from half-court with two seconds left.

SI: Tell me about your relationship with Jay Haas.

LG: Growing up near Jay [in Greenville, S.C.], I always looked up to him. He's a pretty good guy to emulate. He never says, "All right, I'm going to give you some advice...." I watch what he does and take that as advice. He's been a great friend and a great role model. If you were going to pick somebody to be like, he'd be the guy.

SI: Didn't he lead you to your longtime swing coach?

LG: When I was 12, my grandfather went to Jay and said, "I can't teach him any more than I have already. What do I do now?" Jay brought us to Dick Harmon.

SI: Your former Clemson teammates, Jonathan Byrd, D.J. Trahan and Charles Warren, play on Tour. Byrd's won twice, but are there any bragging rights for being the second to win?

LG: Bragging? I'm not like that. I'll be walking around all sheepish next week, like I always do. [Pulls out his phone.] All of them have called already.

SI: You're not married yet and don't have any kids. Guys like you aren't supposed to win at Disney, are they?

LG: I probably had a little bit more time to rest between rounds than the other guys did--kind of an unfair advantage.

SI: Your best chance to win this year had been at the BellSouth. What happened there?

LG: I needed a birdie on the [par-5] 72nd hole and blew it. I hit it in the water, then hit it in the water again. I made a 7 and finished 10th. It felt as bad as this feels good. I needed some alone time that night.

SI: You go to this week's Chrysler Championship 28th on the money list. Looks as if you'll get into the Tour Championship lying down.

LG: I'm not doing that. I'm not going to take that chance. As hard as I tried today, I'm going to try every day next week.

SI: Tom Pernice says he always kids you about being a redneck, yet you don't drive a pickup, hunt or fish.

LG: Oh, I fish, and I talk like a redneck. But I don't own any camo.


Pros, including Ryan Moore, who have earned a Tour card through exemptions since 1980.

"A" List

What golfers are talking about

• LOSING AND WINNING Tiger Woods missed the cut, but the Funai is in his backyard, so he didn't blow any cash on jet fuel.

• NO. 2, TOO The impossible can happen: Vijay Singh MC'd at the Funai as well. What's next-- John Daly in a green jacket?

• THE BIG EARLY Ernie Els will return from injury on Dec. 5, two weeks sooner than expected. He was determined to get back in time for the off-season.

• NORMAN CONQUEST Greg Norman (right) is up for Presidents Cup captain in 2007. Can you revolt against yourself?

• WASHED OUT Hurricane Wilma forced cancellation of last week's Nationwide tour event. Only one other thing can scatter Nationwide players that fast: Q school.

• CREAMER RISING Paula Creamer won her second event in Japan. She's got money, travel and pink visors. Think she misses college?




Glover's hole-out at 18 gave him a one-shot victory.