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Q&A Kurt Russell

The actor (Miracle, The Best of Times) plays a racehorse trainer in Dreamer, now in theaters.

SI: Your son Wyatt is a goaltender for the Chicago Steel of the U.S. Hockey League. How do you follow his games?

Russell: They have a new streaming thing on the Internet. All the games are broadcast on their website.

SI: You and the other 64 people watching on the Web must really enjoy that.

Russell: Exactly [laughs].

SI: Did you visit any farms to prepare for Dreamer?

Russell: We went to Three Chimneys [in Midway, Ky.] and saw Silver Charm, Smarty Jones and Point Given. They have their individual personalities, but they all have that one thing in common: They know they are on parade. They all carry that stink on them, that stink of greatness. And there was a large amount of arrogance. It was interesting and wonderful to see.

SI: Did Pat Riley inspire your hairdo in Tequila Sunrise?

Russell: He inspired more than the hair. Pat was [director] Bob Towne's prototype. I wanted to capture his swagger and demeanor.

SI: You played pro baseball for 3 1/2 years before injuring your shoulder with the Angels' Double A team in El Paso in 1973. How far could you have gone?

Russell: I had been tagged already. I was going to [Triple A] Salt Lake for a week and then probably to the Angels. I was pretty much on the way.

SI: In this magazine a couple of years ago Bull Durham director Ron Shelton rated actors who could combine athletic and artistic prowess. You were second behind Kevin Costner.

Russell: He's dead wrong [laughs]. I like Kevin Costner and I like Ronnie Shelton, but Costner is not in my league physically as an actor, or as a player.