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The Beat

In 2001 he played cornerman Drew (Bundini) Brown to Will Smith's Muhammad Ali. Now Jamie Foxx wants to be the main event. Foxx, who last year won a Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Ray Charles in Ray, says he'd like to play Mike Tyson in a biopic about the boxer. As a young stand-up comic Foxx, 37, was known for his dead-on impression of Iron Mike. Since then the two have become friendly, and the actor thinks that's given him some insight into the former champ. Says Foxx, "Nobody knows the stuff that I know."

• Last year former world champion curler Colleen Jones of Canada said, "Women are going to have to curl naked in order to get people [to watch]." Now we'll see if she was on to something. To bring more exposure to their sport, 12 curlers from all over the world--including Kasia Selwant of Poland (left)--have teamed with photographer Ana Arce, herself an ex-curler, to pose for a calendar of nude and partially clothed curlers. The black-and-white calendars are available for $25.95 each at But don't look for Jones. "I wasn't asked [to pose]," she said. "Should I be insulted?"

• Looks like it's time to fit Fabio for one of those flame-retardant jumpsuits that race car drivers wear. Harlequin Enterprises has announced a line of NASCAR-themed romance novels that will hit shelves next year. The first will be written by National Reader's Choice Award winner Pamela Britton. In the Groove deals with an ex--kindergarten teacher who is surprised to find that a driver named Lance Cooper really gets her engine revving. (Prose sample: "Lance threw his car into turn two, the back end sliding out from under him. Loose. The rear tires wouldn't grip the track.") Harlequin VP of public relations Katherine Orr thinks the mix of lust and lugnuts will appeal to readers of both sexes. "We not only think guys will buy these [books] as gifts for their wives," she says, "but guys will enjoy the detail and authenticity, too."

• "If you [work] at Boeing or another job, you gotta wear a suit," says Knicks rookie guard Nate Robinson. "There are rules." And now there are similar rules in the NBA, which has enacted a dress code for players. Problem is, Robinson, 21, has never owned a suit. Enter Stephon Marbury, his backcourtmate who also happens to have an endorsement deal with Joseph Abboud. Marbury bought 10 new suits each for Robinson and Knicks rookies Channing Frye and David Lee. (Marbury also bought each of his 12 other teammates one new suit.) Now, says Robinson, "I feel like a professional when I come to work. Luckily we have great veterans."... Steve Spurrier whines? A well-established fact. (Just ask any SEC football fan.) Steve Spurrier wines? Now that's a new one. This week the South Carolina coach is releasing Cock-n-Fire, a Cabernet Sauvignon that takes its name from the Gamecocks' offense. It will sell for about $15 a bottle, and proceeds will go toward renovating the school's men's and women's golf facilities.


The clothes that Len Bias wore at the 1986 NBA draft, two days before he died of a drug overdose, were sold on eBay for $6,000.


Maybe Malik Rose should concentrate on giving his own teammates a pick-me-up. Rose--who dragged the Wizards' Chucky Atkins to his feet during a defeat in New York--and the Knicks lost their first three games of the season. The Wizards, meanwhile, walked tall, going 3--0 for the first time since 1978--79.

They Said It

BRENT BARRY, Spurs guard, on the reason for his improved shooting touch:

"I'm a little less stressed out. At least my psychiatrist has told me that."