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Leading Off

[This articlaconsists of photographs. Please see hard copy or pdf.]

Floor Show

Clippers pointguard Sam Cassell looked for a seam in the Rockets' defense and eventuallyfound a few, scoring 13 points and handing out nine assists on Feb. 22 at theToyota Center. Though Los Angeles lost 106-102, it's off to the franchise'sbest 54-game start (31-23) in 30 years (page 52).

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Press Boxed

Barry Bonds held apress conference in the Giants' dugout at spring training on Feb. 22 inScottsdale, Ariz. Because he will be the subject of a reality show as he chasesthe career home run record this season, Bonds has asked media members who wantto speak to him one-on-one to sign a waiver, agreeing to let the interview befilmed. No waiver will be required for group interviews.

Soar Winner

With the ItalianAlps as backdrop, Han Xiaopeng of China launched himself some 55 feet high onhis first jump of the men's aerial finals last Thursday at the Turin Olympics.The 25-year-old Han struck gold in the event, edging Dmitri Dashinski ofBelarus by 2.09 points.


Photograph by Greg Nelson


Photograph by John W. McDonough


Photograph by Bob Martin