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October 9, 2006 Table Of Contents

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SI Bonus Section: SI Fantasy Plus

Think Fast

How you handle overachieving players--as well as those who underperform--will decide your fantasy fate

By Gene Menez

Start 'Em

Week Like the Matchup

Sit' Em


5 Minute Fantasy

Air and Space

He Gets His Kicks at 46

By Steve Rushin

SI Players: Life on and Off the Field



As told to Rebecca Sun

Who's Hot/Who's Not

The Questions With Freddy Sanchez

Pirates Infielder

HOW IT FEELS...Getting Pulled

For some people a pitching change is a laughing matter

The Pop Culture Grid

Life on Wheels

From race to race, Brian Vickers can rely on all the comforts of home

By Andrew Lawrence

Friday Night Right?

The NBC drama series Friday Night Lights, debuting on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT, follows a fictional high school football team in Texas. How realistic is the show? SI asked players, a coach and a cheerleader at Mansfield Summit High in Arlington to break it down

Passing It On

Mentored by some of the game's greatest coaches, Jeff Rutledge is now returning the favor at a Nashville high school

By Lars Anderson

On Pitch

This soccer star is happy to be alive and kicking

By Andrew Lawrence


The Best of 2006

Neither player led his respective league in a Triple Crown category, but SI's MVP choices displayed their singular value in other ways

By Tom Verducci

The Cowboy Factor

Dallas owner Jerry Jones expected a circus when he signed Terrell Owens--and he couldn't be happier that his Boys are once again center ring in the NFL

By Michael Silver

Is This Dr. Evil?

A legend in the sports netherworld, chemist Patrick Arnold--inventor of THG--breaks his silence on his role in the BALCO scandal and hints of a future filled with scary science

By George Dohrmann


Mighty Surprising

Never mind whom they've beaten. Long-suffering Rutgers, Missouri and Wake Forest are undefeated, undaunted and unquestionably on the rise

By Austin Murphy


Size Matters

With his Shaqlike dimensions and fearsome features, Nikolay Valuev--history's tallest heavyweight champ--intimidates foes and titillates fans, but can Don King's colossus fight?

By L. Jon Wertheim


Inside: The Week In Sports

College Football

By Austin Murphy


By Stewart Mandel


By Jeffri Chadiha

King's Corner

By Peter King

Dr. Z's Forecast: Steelers Win Out West

By Paul Zimmerman

Life of Reilly

Fear of Floating

By Rick Reilly


Inside Cover Description

Good Hands People

Poised to pass Jerry Rice in the record books, wideout David Ball is taking New Hampshire to new heights

By Franz Lidz

Quarterback Option

Heath Shuler fizzled as a top Redskins draft pick. Now he wants to return to D.C. as a congressman

By L. Jon Wertheim

Leading Off

Rough Riders

A new documentary captures the grit, danger and passion in one of America's fastest-growing sports

By Nancy Ramsey


See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Why do fans see the NFL as the No Fault League but come down hard on other sports? SI's senior NBA writer has a theory

By Jack McCallum

Lord Byron

Even in retirement, golf's most noble figure was never far from the game

By Michael Bamberger

For the Record


As several high-profile managers are let go, new faces emerge as potential replacements

By Tom Verducci

A Gathering of Greats

Cracking Down

California makes college felons serve their time before getting playing time

By Melissa Segura

Q & A: Kate Mara

The actress (We Are Marshall) is the great-granddaughter of New York Giants founder Tim Mara and Steelers founder Art Rooney

By Richard Deitsch

The Beat

By Adam Duerson

Week Ahead

What to watch and watch for

By Chris Mannix

SI Update

Faces in the Crowd