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March 5, 2007 Table Of Contents

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SI Bonus Section: Golf Plus


The Accenture Match Play will be remembered as the tournament where Tiger's streak died and a bright new star, Henrik Stenson, was born

By Gary Van Sickle

Old Friends

The author got an inside-the-ropes look at a legend, plus a golfing education from a sage playing partner, when he teed it up in the over-50 circuit's version of the celebrity pro-am

By Michael Bamberger

Drawing Even

Tiger-less events see more viewers

By Jim Gorant

Big Play

By Bill Britton

Iron Standard

Is Byron Nelson's record the greatest in sports history?

By Dick Friedman

From the Editor

Making an Entrance

By Terry McDonell


Jarome Iginla

The three-time all-star and fledgling yogi leads the Calgary Flames with 30 goals—including two in a win over San Jose last week

As told to Brian Cazeneuve

WHO'S Hot / WHO'S Not

The Rules of Distraction

Tiger behaved bizarrely and Pacman was his usual self: bad news all around

For the Record

Coming a Longish Way, Baby

What does a female champ make compared with a man?

Zigging with the Zags

Trying to match Gonzaga's success has changed the culture of mid-major schools

By Kelli Anderson

The Non-Evil Twin

Joe Mauer has the stats—and the scrapbook—of a heartland hero

The Questions with Jeff Burton


They Could Be Contendahs

...but how deep do the Democrats' sports connections really go?

The Beat

By Adam Duerson

A Center's Issues

Love of Satellite

Moving games to DirecTV may be only the start for MLB

By David Epstein

Q&A John Travolta

The actor stars in Wild Hogs, which opens on March 2

By Richard Deitsch

Week Ahead

What to watch and watch for

By Chris Mannix

Faces in the Crowd

The Name Game

Seven Downings on one team? It's no coincidence

By Jeffri Chadiha


A controversy over rules about how wrestlers lose weight

By Joe Lemire

Achieving XL-ence

St. Benedict's is No. 5 in the nation for two very big reasons

By Kevin Armstrong


By Joe Lemire



Beating the Red Wings (When You Really, Really Have to Beat the Red Wings)

For the Predators, rival Detroit has long been their modelin the pursuit of excellence. Now Nashville is measuring up to its nemesis, the first obstacle in a Stanley Cup run

By Michael Farber

Battle of the Pacific

The Ducks and the Sharks vie for the easier path to the Cup

By Brian Cazeneuve


Is There Any Whammy Left in Sammy?

Suspect slugger Sammy Sosa is hoping for a happy return to baseball with the Rangers, who believe he has enough of that old bat magic to make a difference

By Chris Ballard

Pro Football

Me First! No, Me!

Over the next eight weeks quarterbacks JaMarcus Russell of LSU and Brady Quinn of Notre Dame will be jockeying for position atop NFL draft boards. The ultimate prize: claiming the No. 1 spot on April 28

By Peter King

In Search of an Edge

When tenths of a second can mean tens of thousands of dollars, combine prep becomes serious business

By Peter King

Cover Story

The Program

In the new Gilded Age of college sports, no school has done more with its money--or learned more from painful scandal--than mighty Ohio State, the standard against which all other schools are judged

By L. Jon Wertheim

The Buckeyes

Grappling with GPAs

The NCAA's new academic measuring stick has brought change--and anxiety

By George Dohrmann

Seeking a Life After College Football

Lacking a degree or an NFL roster spot, an ex--Missouri star tries to find his way

By Angela Busch

The New Pressure-Cooker Sport

Women's hoops, with its increasingly high stakes, is mirroring the men's game

By Kelli Anderson

Do College Athletics Corrupt?

An Idaho professor finds that sports hinder athletes' moral reasoning abilities

By George Dohrmann

The Athlete's Bill of Rights

College players deserve a better shake from their multibillion-dollar business

By Alexander Wolff


Inside: The Week In Sports

College Basketball

By Mark Beech


By Ian Thomsen


Sweet Arrival

By Lars Anderson

Life of Reilly

Shooting Down A Myth

By Rick Reilly


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