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Leading Off

Back and Blue
The Duke lacrosse team opened its 2007 season in Durham, N.C., last Saturday,11 months after allegations of kidnapping, rape and sexual offense againstthree players prompted the school to cancel the last five games in '06. (Rapecharges were dropped, and the three players, who are no longer with the team,say they're innocent of the two pending charges.) Before a crowd of 6,485,attack Zack Greer (inset) scored six goals and the Blue Devils defeatedDartmouth 17--11.

Ice Pack
Predators center Scott Nichol found the sliding tough between Red Wings centerJohan Franzen (93) and goalie Chris Osgood in Nashville last Saturday. Nichol& Co. wound up on top, however, edging Detroit 4--3 in overtime (page40).

View to aSkill
NFL scouts put draft prospects through their paces—and leaps, lunges,stretches, dashes and drills—at the annual combine in Indianapolis lastSaturday (page 48). More than 300 players attended the six-day event, at whichthey underwent a battery of measurements, tests and interviews. The draft takesplace on April 28 and 29.

VERTICAL JUMPMissouri Western State tight end Gijon Robinson

FLEXIBILITY TESTOregon State tight end Joe Newton, with a scout

PASS-ROUTE DRILLVirginia Tech receiver David Clowney

BROAD JUMP Miamitight end Greg Olsen

DEFENSIVE LINEDRILL UCLA defensive end Justin Hickman

ROUTE-RUNNINGDRILL Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson

40-YARD DASHLouisiana Tech wide receiver Johnathan Holland

40-YARD DASHScouts at the finish line

20 SHUTTLEDelaware tight end Ben Patrick

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Photographs by Simon Bruty


Photograph by David E. Klutho


Photographs by Todd Rosenberg