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Moving Tribute
Yes, Indy fans, your "Colt Heroes" (Feb. 12) finally won the SuperBowl. Just wanted to remind you that they did it in the blue-and-white uniformand horseshoe helmet of the Baltimore Colts. It's only fitting that theMayflower moving company get a championship ring—and that in Indianapolistradition, it be presented in the middle of the night.
Rocky Winer, El Cajon, Calif.

As an Indy nativeI know well the pain and ridicule this city has been subjected to."Nap" town, Indi-a-no-place, Cowtown—you name, we've been called it.When the Colts moved here from Baltimore in 1984, it was our chance to provethat we could run with the big guys. Twenty-odd years later and after hearing"Wait till next season" many times, we in Indianapolis can proudly saythat we're champs!
Jane Sullivan, Indianapolis

At the end of2007, when memories of Super Bowl XLI will have grown foggier, please rememberTony Dungy and Peyton Manning for Sportsmen of the Year consideration. Theseclass gentlemen are champions, and perhaps more important, they embody what isright in sports.
Nicholas Owen Detmer, Indianapolis

What a marveloushuman being Tony Dungy is. A reporter asks him the most painful questionpossible (A Father's Wish, Feb. 12), and he answers it in the most tendermanner. At the time of a great accomplishment he thinks of others, like Eaglescoach Andy Reid. We need more people like Tony Dungy in all areas of life.
John G. Guay, Waukesha, Wis.

Power Struggle
In your article on Carlos Delgado (More Than a Big Stick, Feb. 12), you saythat only seven MLB players have had longer streaks of consecutive seasons withan OPS (on-base plus slugging percentages) of at least .900. But something isup when a statistic dealing with power hitters does not include Babe Ruth, TedWilliams or Barry Bonds. If you ignore your requirement for a minimum of 500plate appearances, you find that Ted Williams had an OPS of less than 1.000only once in his career, that Barry Bonds has had an OPS of more than .900 for17 straight years, and Babe Ruth had an OPS of more than .900 for 17 straightyears. Is Delgado a great slugger? Yes. Has he managed to stay healthy (or notserve in a war)? Yes. Does he belong in a "Pantheon of Power"? Not evenclose.
Stephan L. Dejean, New York City

One way for a football player to sustain a concussion (SCORECARD, Feb. 12) orworse is completely avoidable: putting his helmet on the ball in an attempt tojar it loose. That technique is not only bad tackling form but also potentiallydangerous—instead of the head being up, the neck is bowed. Can we get coaches,fans and especially TV announcers to quit celebrating "putting a hat on thefootball"?
Mark Vitali, Hacienda Heights, Calif.

Fighting Words
Can someone give me a reason that NHL players are glorified for fighting (TheFighting Duck, Feb. 12), while NBA players are vilified for the same act?
Michael Flanders, Los Angeles

Teeing Up Rex
From this Packers fan's perspective there was only one thing better thanreading Rick Reilly's harsh and insensitive column about Rex Grossman'sperformance in Super Bowl XLI (LIFE OF REILLY, Feb. 12): reading it a secondtime.
Lowell Johnson, Manitowoc, Wis.

Thanks for yourscathing column on Rex Grossman. Although I don't agree with any of it, you didmuch to ensure his future success. This hardship will only serve to strengthenhis character, confidence and grace under pressure. The best of Rex is yet tocome.
Susan Forney, Bloomington, Ind.

Many Chicagoanswill still love Rex Grossman anyway. After 100 years of failure by the Cubs,what's one bad Super Bowl by our quarterback?
Chris Lindberg, Barrington, Ill.

Due to an editing error, ultimate fighter BJ Penn was incorrectly described asthe boyfriend of model Tori Praver in the 2007 Swimsuit Issue.

Peyton Manning won the Super Bowl MVP award because of who he is, not becauseof a magnificent performance. The MVP instead should have been shared byrunning backs Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes.
Bob Bein, Abilene, Texas

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BACK STORY Addai (left) and Rhodes combined for 264 total yards in Miami.



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