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Q&A John Travolta

The actor stars in Wild Hogs, which opens on March 2

SI: Is there a sports figure you'd like to play?

Travolta: I have a fascination with Vince Lombardi. He coached my dad [at St. Cecilia's High School in Englewood, N.J.] before going to the pros.

SI: What do you consider to be your greatest athletic achievement?

Travolta: If you include dancing, I'd have to say the solo on Saturday Night Fever or some of the dancing in Grease or Staying Alive. Even though Staying Alive wasn't the quality of the other two movies, the athletic ability it took to do a lot of the jazz and ballet moves was pretty extensive.

SI: How did you and Cal Ripken become friends?

Travolta: When he broke his [consecutive games] record, he wanted me to be there because his favorite film is Grease. I couldn't make it, but when I did Ladder 49 a few years ago, he invited me to lunch at his house during filming. I loved spending time with him and his wife.

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