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Frosh Princes
With all due respect to Kevin Durant (Phenomenal Freshmen, Feb. 19), Greg Oden deserved the SI cover. Ohio State is near the top of the rankings, and Oden's dominating defense is the main reason. While Durant projects to Kevin Garnett, Oden has been compared with Bill Russell and Tim Duncan. Whom would you rather have?
Anthony Lanatto, Philadelphia

An NBA scout describes Greg Oden as an "odd duck" because he may not jump to the pros next year. Why portray him that way just because he is sufficiently mature to know that money is not the only reason to make a decision?
Lee Caryer, Columbus, Ohio

Predatory Gators
Your story on college football signing day (The Gators Get Richer, Feb. 19) lauds Florida coach Urban Meyer for his stellar recruiting class. Yet much of his success was the result of persuading young men to renege on their word to another college. Not much of a role model, in my opinion.
Hunter R. Watson, Farmville, Va.

Fantasy Land
I've told my fiancée-to-be that I couldn't care less what she does with our place so long as I have my "sports room" for my plasma, pennants and other memorabilia. With The Way to a Man's Heart (LIFE OF REILLY, Feb. 19), I have one more item to hang on the wall. Consider it framed, mounted and frequently referenced.
Kent Barnes, Fredericksburg, Va.

Men are not the only sports fanatics. I, too, am thrilled when Feb. 15 arrives and pitchers and catchers report. One of my fondest memories is that of my dad and I counting the days from the last game of the World Series until that magic day in February. So just remember when you are stereotyping wives of sports fans—that this wife would throw out all of the furniture in favor of my favorite recliner and Seminoles helmet chair.
Sandee McCartney, Fort Lauderdale

Reverse Curse?
Your Feb. 19 back cover had an ad featuring Kevin Harvick. Didn't Kevin just win the Daytona 500? Maybe athletes should want to be on the back cover instead of the front.
Neal E. Tracy, Ankeny, Iowa

The Garden
Your article on Madison Square Garden chairman and Cablevision Systems president and CEO Jim Dolan (Lord Jim, Feb. 12), a man I've known intimately for more than 18 years, is way over the line. You have done your readers a disservice by taking recycled comments from disgruntled former employees—both on and off the record—and making them the platform for your article. Jim, meanwhile, has achieved a lot in his personal and professional lives, not the least of which has been serving for the past 12 years as CEO of one of the nation's best-performing media companies and navigating it through the choppiest waters in the history of the media business, and spearheading efforts to raise millions for pancreatic cancer research—all but unmentioned in your decidedly uncharitable portrait.
Thomas S. Rogers, President and CEO
TiVo Inc., Alviso, Calif.

As a die-hard New York Knicks and Bruce Springsteen fan, I do not know what is worse: that Jim Dolan owns the Knicks or that he chooses to rewrite Springsteen's immortal lyrics.
Matthew Weiss, New York City

The NFL had to know something when it chose the Lerners and Woody Johnson instead of the Dolans to own the Browns and the Jets franchises.
Stephen Perrotta, Mahopac, N.Y.

I once saw Isiah Thomas play in a high school game and was impressed by something he did at halftime. Cheerleaders with defective pom-poms had left little pieces of plastic around the center circle. Thomas, already a star headed to Indiana, went out on the court, alone, and on his hands and knees picked up all the pieces. You seem to be writing about a different man.
Anton Wishik, Grand Rapids, Mich.

I was president of MSG Network from 1985 to '91 and president of Madison Square Garden from 1991 to September '94. You stated that Dave Checketts helmed the Garden in 1994. For the record, Mr. Checketts did not become Madison Square Garden's full-time president until early '95. Although Mr. Checketts, along with Ernie Grunfeld and Pat Riley, should be given credit for the success of the Knicks from 1991 to '94 and for continuing the success of the Knicks, the Rangers and Madison Square Garden from 1995 to 2001, credit for the '94 Stanley Cup New York Rangers and the "exorcism of a 54-year championship curse" should go to Neil Smith, Mike Keenan, Mark Messier and many other outstanding players and individuals involved with that historic team.
Bob Gutkowski, Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.

EDITOR'S NOTE: An early version of the article Lord Jim, which referred to an SI poll that did not exist, was taken from the magazine's electronic editing system and posted on on Feb. 6 for seven hours. That incorrect version was also distributed to other media before being recalled. SI regrets the error and has new systems in place to prevent a recurrence.

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