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Q&A Will Arnett

The 36-year-old co-stars with Will Ferrell in Blades of Glory

SI: How much of an athlete are you in real life?

Arnett: I played a lot of sports relatively well, but never really kick-ass. I played hockey as a kid; I played goalie. I still play some shinny. I'll go to Central Park on a Sunday night every once in a while.

SI: Did the skating experience help on Blades, in which you play a pairs figure skater?

Arnett: Yes, but [the skating] was made more difficult by the toe pick, which I eventually had shaved off.

SI: You're filming a basketball movie, Semi-Pro, also alongside Will Ferrell. How's your game?

Arnett: I play basketball like a hockey player. Lots of elbows. But in the movie I play the color commentator. He likes to drink and smoke [courtside].

SI: Get any ribbing about playing a figure skater?

Arnett: My buddies have gotten some good yuks. But I get the last laugh: I'm in a Hollywood movie!

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