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Tony Gwynn

The Hall of Famer and San Diego State coach is a postseason analyst for TBS

SI: Why do you enjoy broadcasting?

Gwynn: I enjoy trying to see a situation develop before the fan does and relaying that. I like seeing little tidbits that the average fan does not see. I'm scanning the entire field for things to talk about.

SI: Do you have any interest in managing beyond college?

Gwynn: No. I like the college level because you can teach them about the game and going to class and budgeting your time. That's what I do best: teaching.

SI: Is it odd seeing a statue of yourself at Petco Park?

Gwynn: It is. They put a slogan on the back that my dad used to tell me: WORK HARD AND GOOD THINGS WILL HAPPEN. Every time I see it, I get emotional.

SI: What advice do you give your daughter, recording artist Anisha Nicole, about hip-hop and R&B?

Gwynn: Listen to jazz. I tell her all the time: You should sing jazz. It makes me realize I'm not hip anymore. So I'll keep listening to jazz guys like Kirk Whalum and Boney James.

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