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Earl's Pearls

Tiger Woods'sfather, Earl, gave his son plenty of sage advice, but he could not have beenmore prescient than when he said to his boy, "Tiger, I promise you thatyou'll never meet another person as mentally tough as you." In the end Earlgave Tiger the greatest gift a father can give: the belief in self.
Troy Nelson, Woodruff, S.C.

Tiger Woods takesmoney from the less fortunate, sinks his competition and hops around on one leg(Hurts So Good, June 23). Forget golfer, the man's a pirate.
Daniel Gold, Los Angeles

The JeterMeter

Tell me something:If major league players believe that Derek Jeter is the most overrated playerin baseball (PLAYERS, June 23), as your poll indicates, why did they also givehim the second highest number of votes in the previous issue for the playerthey would most like to build a team around?
Andrew Berger, North Hollywood, Calif.

Costume Drama

After readingabout these new, faster swimsuits (The War of the Swimsuits, June 23), I amglad I don't hold any swimming records. I would hate to work so hard atsomething, only to have my record beaten by technology.
Paul T. Cyr, Escondido, Calif.

The term"technological doping" is ludicrous. Advances in sports science happenall the time. Was it unfair when basketball players switched from ConverseAll-Stars to Nike? For swimmers who argue that their sponsors aren't lettingthem wear the suits, either renegotiate your contracts or get ready to dry offin fourth place.
Celso Garcia, Philadelphia

The Olympicsshould go back to its roots and have its athletes compete in the nude. While itwould make certain events more difficult (or at least awkward), it would alsoeliminate the competitive advantages of different swimsuits. Plus, I guaranteeratings would be higher.
Jonathan Brent, Oak Ridge, Tenn.

The FugeesFamily

Kudos to GarySmith for his uplifting piece on Luma Mufleh and the Fugees (Alive and Kicking,June 23). By juxtaposing atrocious acts of war with the selfless actions of acaring soccer coach, Smith shows how one determined woman can make adifference. It is inspirational to read how children from different races,religions and cultures became united through their love of sport.
Joseph Leonard, Philadelphia

Mufleh embodieswhat our nation was founded on—the spirit of immigrants trying to make a betterlife. Shame on those "natural" Americans who taunted the Fugees on theplaying field!
Cindy Anfindsen, Apex, N.C.

We all have ideasabout how to make the world a better place; most of us don't follow through.Hats off to Mufleh for having a great idea and not quitting. Thank God (and Idon't care whose) for her.
Frank Bennett, Green Springs, Ohio

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