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September 8, 2008 Table Of Contents

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Friday Night Plight

High school football giveth, and taketh away, sometimes all too suddenly

By Rick Telander


For the Record

Beijing Cha-Ching

Olympic heroes medal in marketing

By Rebecca Shore

The Beat

By Arash Markazi

Chute Happens

A brief history of the aerial entrance

Faces in the Crowd

SI, July 28, 2008 Update

Week Ahead

What to watch and watch for

By Sarah Kwak

Just My Type

By Dan Patrick


The Tide Is Turning

On an opening weekend that produced a handful of surprises, none was bigger than Alabama's dominance of Clemson

By Austin Murphy

Running All the Way

Who needs the spread? Not Paul Johnson, who fired up his triple-option offense in Georgia Tech's opening win

By Mark Beech

One Giant Leap

Expectations are so high at Missouri that even scoring 52 points on a Top 25 foe left the Tigers wanting more

By Albert Chen


A focus on special teams and ball-stripping drills helped East Carolina and Bowling Green score two for the little guys

By Ben Reiter



Do you believe in miracles? The '69 Mets certainly do—and when they look at the upstart Rays, they see plenty of parallels with their own remarkable run. Will it happen again?

By Lee Jenkins

In Vin Veritas

Dodgers win, Dodgers lose, Dodgers come, Dodgers go, but one truth remains constant: Vin Scully—half a century in the L.A. booth—remains the play-by-play gold standard

By Richard Hoffer


Choosing Sides

As the 2008 political season heads to its climax—please don't let there be a playoff this year—more players are taking a stand on the issues than this nation has seen in decades

By L. Jon Wertheim


The Next Step Is the Hardest

The Browns missed out on a playoff berth on the last day of the 2007 season, then spent the next eight months working to ensure it didn't happen in '08. SI got an inside look at how a team tries to make the leap from also-ran to contender

By Peter King


Inside: The Week In Sports

Let's Play 17

Commissioner Roger Goodell wants better NFL games in August, and that means expanding the regular season

By Jim Trotter

Dr. Z's Pick of the Week

By Paul Zimmerman

Pre-Snap Adjustments

They haven't even played an official game, but some player values have already shifted radically

By David Sabino

Trumped Ace?

The Brewers have every reason to be ecstatic with CC Sabathia, but the Cubs' Rich Harden has been just as dominant

By Joe Sheehan

Gender Blender

As equal-opportunity events like the U.S. Open show, a merger would benefit both the men's and women's tours

By L. Jon Wertheim

Radwanska's Rat Race

By Andrew Lawrence

Point After

Please Don't Ruin My Fantasy

By Chris Ballard


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